enamel signs

Enamel signs has come to stay

My dear readers, I finally find some time again to come back to my blogging activities! Unfortunately I still don’t have an outstanding amount of time to keep on blogging here, but when I have been looking at my enamel sign this morning, a crazy thought came to my mind: My enamel house number sign […]

Sun, sea and architecture in Santorini

What’s your thoughts on the fact that the summer is almost over, if not definitely over? September starts today, and I guess we all have to admit (unless we live in a country where the summer goes on for a longer period) that the summer 2013 is officially over. My thoughts? Well, I’m not a […]

Summer memories and a nostalgic address plaque

It’s a bit strange how different seasons can bring various memories and various feelings to life, don’t you think? I don’t know about you, but I personally remember the summers when I was a child and later a teenager, and I remember the scent from the sea, the pleasant sound when the waves reaches the […]

Cape Cod – a paradise on earth

Summer is definitely here, and I don’t know if you prefer to stay at home during this season, or if you prefer to travel and visit new places? I have to say I appreciate to stay quite close to home during June, July and August, as this is the most beautiful time of the year […]

Blue street signs makes me happy

March is here, a month that I love because of many different reasons. It’s the month when we usually see the first obvious signs of spring, and it’s a month when the weather is usually quite nice, which makes the snow melt. I went for a walk today and found a new addition in town […]