The kitchen of my dreams

Tell me something… If you were to choose a new kitchen for your place, whether you live in an apartment or a house, what would you have in mind? What’s important, is there any ”must have” and any big ”no-no”? Take a look at the kitchen above! It’s from Neptune, a company of which I’m […]

A cool piece of furniture for book lovers

You already know that I love home decorating, but did you know that I love books as well? I love reading and a big shelf with room for all my books and more to come is definitely a must when we move to our new place. I found this really cool shelf with a reading […]

The perfect home

I think I might have told you before that we’re searching for a new home, and it will most likely be a chain-house, or at least that what I hope it will be. However, I’ve been thinking about my dream home, and I thought I’d list some things that I think is vital in the […]

A unique wedding gift

One more weekend is over, and it’s been a good but hectic one. What have you been up to? Anything fun, or just relaxed and enjoyed the time off from work? As I said, it’s been a quite hectic weekend, but I did nonetheless have time to think, and this time I considered various ways […]

A Lighthouse sign and a special number

Well, well, well… Christmas is already over, how did that happen? Now it’s just a few days left of the year, and soon we’ll be able to welcome a new year, 2013… Fascinating, exciting and interesting, don’t you think? I really enjoy my holiday project, to find photos to show you here at Highlander’s Cottage, […]