Blog of the Week #5

Time for Blog of The Week! YES! It should have been published days ago, but then again, things are not always as planned, and I’ve already told you about my little blog post disaster, so no need to dive in there again 😉 Well, the blog that I’ve selected this week belongs to a really […]

Blog of the Week #3

Incredible! One more week has passed and it’s time for another blog recommendation. Fun, isn’t it? I hope you still have some time to spare today, so that you can spend the last hours of this Sunday reading a new favourite blog, because this is a blog where you can spend hours and hours of […]

The perfect sideboard for my home

As I’ve mentioned before (probably like a thousand times), we moved to a chain-house earlier this year, and I’m really happy about it. I’m still not finished with the home decorating thing though, and since this is a lot more spacious than our last apartment we have to buy lots of new furniture, something that […]

Christmas week and photo #1

Christmas week, or at least almost… I’m well aware of the fact that Christmas Eve is next Monday, but all preparations has to be done this week, and it’s less than 7 days left until Christmas, so I guess we can call it Christmas week, right? Well, whatever you call it, it’s a really busy […]

A favourite web shop to enjoy

It’s been a lot of Christmas talk lately, but today I thought it would be fun to show you one of my new favourite shops on the web. It’s called Butterflyhuset Interior and it’s Norwegian, but I assume many of you will appreciate the beautiful things that can be found there. I sure do! The […]