Enamel signs has come to stay

My dear readers, I finally find some time again to come back to my blogging activities! Unfortunately I still don’t have an outstanding amount of time to keep on blogging here, but when I have been looking at my enamel sign this morning, a crazy thought came to my mind: My enamel house number sign is still intact and  didnt seem to age even one day since the day I put it onto my facade. Realizing this astounded me. It sort of caused me not to think of how fast time went by. Since it didnt suffer from any scratch or color-fade-out, it surpassed the last five years as if they were five days. Back then, I found enamel signs on an online shop called ramsign.  


And this is sort of the feeling I had in the recent years: Time went by so quickly, that is simply unbelievable. The fact that I went by my house entrance every day, seeing the enamel sign not aging, simply put an ephasis on  my perception of time and reality. This morning, looking at the sign while drinking a coffee I was realizing how fast the recent five years went by.

Hence, this was the ultimate reminder for me to come back to blogging, too. I want to get back to my hobbies and come up with more content here again. So guys, I am looking forward to surprise you with more content here in the near future again. I am sorry that it took me so long to be back on stage  here, but I really had a lot of stuff going on in my life. In the future, I try to keep you updated here about decoration topics as well with more personal insights in my life, so that you guys understand that it is not always easy to run a blog besides doing many other things 🙂  

Highlander Beauty

I do love our Highlander collection, that’s for sure. I understand that many of you share this love, and no wonder why… White is a very popular colour, often used for home decorating purposes nowadays, and these signs are truly classic, and they always fit in, which is a great bonus of course. If you choose a Highlander sign, you won’t have to buy a new sign just because you move to another house. The sign will look just as great there, as white is always right!

Well, since I really like the Highlander collection I wanted to show you a few samples. I wanted to share a few photos which can’t be found on our website, since these photos are taken by owners of Highlander signs. Some of them live in Europe, some in the US, but they have one thing in common. They are happy owners of signs from our Highlander collection.

Photo: La Maison Boheme

Sarah is the owner of La Maison Boheme, which is a great blog by the way. She’s also the owner of this Highlander sign. I love the look of it on the brick wall and I think it matches the lantern in a great way. Black and white is always a nice combination if you ask me, and I think Sarah really knew what she did when she placed the sign and the lantern together on the wall.

Photo: Comeca Jones

Another photo that shows how good it looks when you combine black and white. Comeca (Meme) owns this name plate and she and her husband decided to get a name plate instead of a house number, as they wanted to be able to bring it when they moved. Very clever choice if you ask me! A name plate can always follow you through life (you rarely change your name). I’ve always liked the oval and round signs, and after seeing this sign I like them even more!

I could go on and show you more photos for hours and hours, but I think it may be better to save some for another day. I still have many more to show and I think it’s fun to share some beautiful photos, which may hopefully inspire you a bit every now and then. Do you have a photo to share? Don’t hesitate to send it over, so that I can show it to the readers 🙂

A little advice before we start

Remember I told you that a give-away is about to start over at our Facebook page? Well, I’m sure I told you so, but I’m also pretty sure I didn’t mention a date. Well, the date is set now, and the fact is… The give-away will start tomorrow. Don’t forget it! It’s a great chance for one of you to win a house number sign of your own choice!

So, as I said a house number sign will be the award in this upcoming give-away, and I know many of you’d like to have one. But how would you use it if you actually won? I’ve listed three great ways to use house number signs, but I’m sure there are even more ways. If you come up with any ideas, don’t hesitate to share it with all the other readers!

  1. A birthyear sign – It can be your birthyear (I have one of those actually), but it can also be the year when you became a mom (or dad), or the year you got married.
  2. A lucky number – Do you have a lucky number? Then you should consider having it on an enamel sign. You can have a round one with your lucky number (mine would be 7) or a square one, or rectangular… Whatever you prefer. Put it on the wall in the bedroom so that you can see it every day when you wake up!
  3. A date to remember – Did you get married on July 7th? Why not get a sign with 0707 on it? It will forever remind you of the most amazing day of your life. Of course any date will do! As long as it’s a date you’d like to remember forever.

You can obviously choose your address numbers or a single house number as well. We do have signs with room for just 1 number, but also signs with room for up to 5 numbers. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something suitable, don’t you think? Remember to come by tomorrow to enter the give-away on our Facebook page!



Oval House Numbers – Perfect for Christmas

As I mentioned in the previous post, it’s time to look at a fantastic Christmas present. Our oval house numbers are our latest addition, and they’ve already turned out to be very popular, especially in the US where they are among our most popular signs at the moment. What you may not have considered is the fact that they are actually perfect gifts as well, and why not give someone one of these beauties for Christmas?

Three reasons why they can be given to anyone

Our oval signs have several benefits. I can mention plenty of reasons why you should give away on of these at Christmas (or why not give yourself one?), but I will list three reasons why these are the perfect gifts.

  • Up to five numbers – One great this is that we have oval house numbers with room for up to five numbers. This means everyone can have their address numbers on a plaque, whether you have a 2-digit house number or a 5-digit house number.
  • A colour for every house – Most of our oval house numbers are shown with white text on a black background, and this is a very popular choice. You can however choose other colours as well, such as white on blue, black on white, white on green or rust red on white, but also other alternatives, such as blue on white or green on white. This gives you an opportunity to get something truly unique, and something that looks great on the specific house it’s created for.
  • A classy touch to every place – All our signs are classic and beautiful, but the oval house numbers may feel more unique and classy. It’s obvious that many customers really appreciate them, and I’m sure your family members or friends will as well.

Other reasons it’s a great choice

Christmas may be a very expensive period, as you probably buy gifts for many people during a short period of time. Therefore it’s important to make clever choices, and that’s why our house numbers is a great alternative.

First of all, when you buy a house number as a Christmas present, it can be a gift for a couple or a family, you don’t have to buy other things for the other members of the family. Second, we always offer free shipping wherever you live. This means you can save plenty of money compared to other purchases where you pay quite much for shipping in addition to the product price.

Do you think our oval house numbers may be exactly what you need for Christmas? Take a look at our various signs in our Etsy shop! There are several sizes to choose from.

Accessories for an old stone house

In several villages in the UK, as well as in France, along with other places, you will find extremely charming stone houses, like the ones shown in the photo above. I simply love these houses, they are among the most beautiful houses one can ever find if you ask me. I could definitely see myself living in one of these houses, as I think the surroundings in these villages are amazing as well. Serene nature, green areas, and a welcoming atmosphere. What’s not to love?

Well, what I want to discuss today is the decor of these houses. They require a different style compared to modern houses, don’t you think? I sure think so! Do you have an old stone house today? Then you know perfectly well what I mean.

I don’t know what you think, but I know three accessories I wouldn’t be able to resist if I moved to a place like this. I will list them, and if you want you can add your own list in the comment field.


  • A black, oval house number sign. I think it would be such a lovely match. Take a look at them in our Etsy shop to see what I’m talking about.
  • A lovely, old-fashioned mail box. Would be a perfect match as well.
  • A wooden box with living flowers beside the mail box, to welcome all visitors and to boost the warm and welcoming feeling of the house.


These are my three, and I’m eager to hear yours.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why you should check out our oval house number in time for Christmas 🙂