Accessories for an old stone house

In several villages in the UK, as well as in France, along with other places, you will find extremely charming stone houses, like the ones shown in the photo above. I simply love these houses, they are among the most beautiful houses one can ever find if you ask me. I could definitely see myself […]

Sun, sea and architecture in Santorini

What’s your thoughts on the fact that the summer is almost over, if not definitely over? September starts today, and I guess we all have to admit (unless we live in a country where the summer goes on for a longer period) that the summer 2013 is officially over. My thoughts? Well, I’m not a […]

Cape Cod – a paradise on earth

Summer is definitely here, and I don’t know if you prefer to stay at home during this season, or if you prefer to travel and visit new places? I have to say I appreciate to stay quite close to home during June, July and August, as this is the most beautiful time of the year […]

Blue street signs makes me happy

March is here, a month that I love because of many different reasons. It’s the month when we usually see the first obvious signs of spring, and it’s a month when the weather is usually quite nice, which makes the snow melt. I went for a walk today and found a new addition in town […]

A fascinating concrete cottage

Normally when I post photos of houses and cottages it’s cozy, old looking places with lots of vintage charm. This time I’ve got some entirely different photos to show. I found the photos on La Boheme, and even though it’s normally not my style at all, I really like this concrete cottage with large glass […]