Gravel gardening – the beautiful and convenient alternative

Gardening is fun, no doubt about it, but not everyone has the time and patience, or even the climate needed to arrange a garden with soil, lawn, etc. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives for everyone who wants a low maintenance garden with many beautiful and hardy plants as well. So, what is the solution […]

How to create the perfect garden

I promised you two things in my last post, namely to tell you who the winner of the give-away is, and how you can get a beautiful garden, with help from enamel signs and other things. I’ve decided to make two posts, two make it easier to find the right information. Let’s start with the […]

How to welcome the spring into the house

I think we can all agree on the fact that March is the first spring month, even if the snow is still very visible, right? I can see a very clear difference between February and March. The days are getting longer, the birds have started to sing, it’s easier to find fresh flowers to bring […]