Colours and classics

It’s easy to forget how beautiful colours can be. It’s way too easy to think that white is the only stylish and beautiful colour, but then I see a lovely photo online, that reminds me how beautiful it can be with colours if they’re used wisely. It’s Saturday tomorrow, which means it’s time for “Blog […]

The best colors for a perfect home

Do you want to decorate your home to make yourself as well as other people feel comfortable, happy or energetic when they enter every single room? Then you should learn more about how to use colors to make the most out of your home. Different colors have different meanings, but you shouldn’t just pick a […]

Keep the summer mood with colors

What’s the weather been like at your place the last few days? I’m sad to admit we’ve had a heavy rainfall for 4-5 days now. Not that we don’t need rain, we really do, because the summer has been really dry so far, but several rainy days in a row, along with cool temperatures reminds […]

Contemporary design at its best

You know me, I think colours are so important in a home, and I can’t stop talk about it… The funny thing is that I count white as a colour too in this case. A home can be beautiful, just because the owner has the great taste to keep it all white. White can make […]

Spring – a season full of life and colours

I’ve got some hope about spring again. It doesn’t snow anymore, and the sun has been shining for a couple of days now. The snow is melting and I can feel a touch of spring in the air. This makes me really happy, and I guess it’s not only me, most people seems to share […]