Blog of the Week #6

It’s Saturday, it’s November and it’s raining outside (at least here), so I think it’s about time to present the blog of the week. Don’t you agree? I think you all may need a new blog favourite to visit, read and enjoy, and I can assure you that the blog that I’ve chosen this time […]

Blog of the Week #5

Time for Blog of The Week! YES! It should have been published days ago, but then again, things are not always as planned, and I’ve already told you about my little blog post disaster, so no need to dive in there again 😉 Well, the blog that I’ve selected this week belongs to a really […]

A fantastic wall with a sign

What a great day it’s been! We’ve had almost 15 degrees Celsius today. Really warm compared to the temperatures the past few weeks. And it hasn’t been a rainy day either. No rain at all actually. Lovely! Well, I have to admit that I haven’t had too much time to enjoy the weather though. I’ve […]

Blog of the Week #4

I know it’s a bit late, the ”blog of the week” post is supposed to be published on weekends, but it wasn’t really an option this time, as weekend was filled with give-away planning and give-away posts. I guess you’ve all seen the give-away on our Facebook page, where one happy winner will get to […]

Blog of the Week #3

Incredible! One more week has passed and it’s time for another blog recommendation. Fun, isn’t it? I hope you still have some time to spare today, so that you can spend the last hours of this Sunday reading a new favourite blog, because this is a blog where you can spend hours and hours of […]