Blog of the Week #4

I know it’s a bit late, the ”blog of the week” post is supposed to be published on weekends, but it wasn’t really an option this time, as weekend was filled with give-away planning and give-away posts. I guess you’ve all seen the give-away on our Facebook page, where one happy winner will get to […]

A little advice before we start

Remember I told you that a give-away is about to start over at our Facebook page? Well, I’m sure I told you so, but I’m also pretty sure I didn’t mention a date. Well, the date is set now, and the fact is… The give-away will start tomorrow. Don’t forget it! It’s a great chance […]

And the award goes to…

The give-away is now closed, and as usual I used to select a winner. The winner of this give-away has a blog of her own, which I think you should visit when you have time to spare. You can find it here. The name of the lucky winner is… Monika Congratulations! I will send […]

More time to enter the give-away

I’ve been told that it’s been difficult/impossible to get through with comments the last few days, and I know there’s been problem with the whole thing, so I’ve decided to give you more time to enter our give-away. You can now enter until August 21st, so give it a go right away! Yesterday was a […]

Give-away to promote afternoon tea

I promised you a give-away in my last post, and the time has come… It’s time to get it started! As you’ve probably discovered the summer is here, and it’s a beautiful time when most people enjoy spending time in their gardens. I do so too, and I enjoy having coffee, cold drinks and tea […]