A terrific example of Danish design

Danish design… Are you a fan of it? I know lots of people love Scandinavian design in general, and Danish design in particular, and I have to say that I completely understand why. There are so many beautiful things coming from Danish designers, and today I found a new favourite among them. The candle holders […]

Cool and eco-friendly sofa by Cate & Nelson

As I’ve told you before I’m very proud to work for a company that cares about the environment and takes its responsibility by producing signs that lasts for many decades. I’m not only a fan of our work though, I’m happy to give other responsible companies and designers credit for their contribution to a healthy […]

A few steps for the environment and some lovely products

I think that most of you agree when I say that it’s important to care about the environment and I’m also sure that some of you already do what you can to support the nature. There’s plenty of things that a single person can do in order to protect the environment and I’ll mention a […]

Our work for the environment

Eco-friendly products gets more and more popular and that goes for all kinds of products, from makeup to clothes. I personally think that this new eco-thinking is great and I’m very glad to work for a company who takes its responsibility and cares about the environment. I’ve shown photos of our signs on the blog […]