A fantastic wall with a sign

What a great day it’s been! We’ve had almost 15 degrees Celsius today. Really warm compared to the temperatures the past few weeks. And it hasn’t been a rainy day either. No rain at all actually. Lovely!

Well, I have to admit that I haven’t had too much time to enjoy the weather though. I’ve been working, working, and working some more. It’s fun actually. Trying to come up with new ideas and make plans. I’m also working on new blog posts obviously, as the ones I previously wrote is nowhere to be found… Well, I don’t really mind, as it gives me even more time to get inspired by all wonderful blogs out there!

I’ve been lucky today to be honest. I’ve found some great inspiration on how to decorate your home in a personal and lovely way. Take a look at the photo above, which is borrowed from Little House in the Big D! Samm has placed several frames in various shapes and colours on the wall, some of them large, some of them small, some of them photos, other ones containing art. Together they make a great combination, and I really love the fact that it’s everything but plain. It’s fun, inspiring and personal, and everyone can make their own wall, as they can choose paintings and photos of their own choice in the frames.

As you can see, there is also a Ramsign number plate on the wall. Samm got it last year, and she did choose this round, green number as it’s her volleyball number from high school. I really like the look of it in the middle of the frame wall. It looks classy and nice there, and it’s really eye-catching.

I actually think that a frame wall like this one is a great idea in most homes. It’s a great way to welcome visitors, and it also gives every visitor a chance to get to know the house owner a little better, as they get to see a sample of what they like the most. I also think it’s a great idea to place a number sign among the paintings, mirrors and photos, and if you would like to arrange your own frame wall I suggest that you head over to our Facebook page and enter the give-away. That way you may get a number sign of your own, to start your wall with!

The perfect sideboard for my home

As I’ve mentioned before (probably like a thousand times), we moved to a chain-house earlier this year, and I’m really happy about it. I’m still not finished with the home decorating thing though, and since this is a lot more spacious than our last apartment we have to buy lots of new furniture, something that I really enjoy.

One could think that I should have done all these purchases by now, but I don’t like to rush things, not when it comes to home decorating. I want it to feel completely right, and I want to choose furniture that I really like, not just something that I can stand.

One of the things I’ve been looking for is a sideboard, or maybe more like a chest of drawers. Imagine my happiness when I found a special offer today, in a shop close to where I live… I totally love the sideboard shown above, and as I live approx. 5 minutes away from the shop (which by the way is named Jysk), I’ve decided to buy it. It will look amazingly good below my wall shelf, where I by the way have a lovely Highlander sign with the words ”Home is where your heart is”. I promise to show you photos after I’ve purchased the item and placed it on its new spot in our home. I think it will make a lovely addition when I place a vase with fresh flowers on top of it, as well as some beautiful and stylish candle holders. What do you think?

Do you like this piece of furniture by the way? Or is it just me?

A new table with a cool design

It’s fun you know… I’ve been searching for a new side table for the living room for quite some time now. There’s nothing wrong with the existing one to be honest, but I feel it would look better with a smaller table, maybe a round one, or square shaped, not rectangular as the one we have at the moment. I guess you all know that feeling? It doesn’t have to concern tables, it can just as well be a matter of choosing the right curtains, the perfect wall shelf or the most suitable sofa. It’s always possible to improve things at home.

Well, I haven’t found much during my shopping tours. It started to seem quite impossible to find a nice side table. But then… I visited a website with interior news and found a really cool table with a unique design. Take a look at it on the photo above! Pretty amazing, right?

This table is a lot smaller than the one I have today, it’s light and it’s made of aluminium, which means both that I could move it when I felt an urge to redecorate my home every now and then, and it also means it can be used outside as well as indoors. It’s been designed by Jules Barrès and Pierre Guillou, and I love the unique idea! Maybe it’s not my ordinary style, but I like it, and I would definitely consider placing one of these tables in my living room. What do you think? Does it look nice? Do you like the style and the idea? Would you consider placing it in your home?

A poem on a sign

Do you know what I love just as much as home decorating? Poems! Classic, old poems which has been read by people for centuries. I’ve always loved poetry, even wrote some myself as a teenager (guess it’s not that uncommon…), and my love for poetry escalated when I first saw the extraordinary movie Dead Poets Society. A wonderful, fascinating and unforgettable movie with amazing actors.

I do have a couple of favourites among all famous poems out there, and I’ve now decided to make something more out of it. I will order a couple of enamel signs with my favourite poems on. Who says it has to be names on our name plates? Not me!

My plan is to have a black Engelhardt sign, like the one in the photo, with typeface 3, as this looks old enough to make these poems justice. I will then place the signs with the poems on a shelf on the wall, beside some other nice things, such as dry rosebuds, candles and seashells. All for the art, right? What do you think of my idea? Do you think it’s a good one?

So, what poems have I chosen? In the future I will have two, but I will start with one of them. Can’t decide which one though, as I love both of them very much. Maybe you can help me choose which one to start with?

#1: To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time by Robert Herrick.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.

#2: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Be still, sad heart! and cease repining;
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life some rain must fall.

So, my friends, what do you think? Which one should be the first to end up on a sign in my home?

A new place every season

What home decorating style is your favourite one? Do you like the french country style? The industrial look? Or maybe the lodge style, with high ceiling fireplace, timber walls, and all other things combined with this look?

As most of you know I’m totally into the french country look, but the autumn is coming soon, and I can’t stop myself from thinking the lodge decorating style is quite comfy and cosy during this season. The wooden floors, the fireplace, the timber walls, the sound of the fire on a rainy evening…. Lovely! And even better if the house is actually situated in natural surroundings as well! What could be more cosy than to sit in the sofa, get warmed up by a fire from the fireplace, look out through the window and see a mountain lake outside? Isn’t that the perfect surrounding for the autumn? I sure think so!

Tell me something… If you were able to change your home (or move to different places) based on season… What would your autumn place look like? Would you keep it white and clean, to let in much light? Or would you go with autumn colours to follow the season? Or maybe move to a lodge and live close to the nature? Or just keep the same place every season?

Oh, and what do you think of the lodge above? Quite nice, eh? But I miss the timber walls though!