The best colors for a perfect home

Do you want to decorate your home to make yourself as well as other people feel comfortable, happy or energetic when they enter every single room? Then you should learn more about how to use colors to make the most out of your home. Different colors have different meanings, but you shouldn’t just pick a […]

Keep the summer mood with colors

What’s the weather been like at your place the last few days? I’m sad to admit we’ve had a heavy rainfall for 4-5 days now. Not that we don’t need rain, we really do, because the summer has been really dry so far, but several rainy days in a row, along with cool temperatures reminds […]

A minimalistic look – cold or welcoming?

What’s your thoughts on minimalism? Do you like the minimalistic style when it comes to home decorating, or do you prefer other styles? I do generally prefer other styles, but that doesn’t stop me from finding minimalism fascinating, and I think you may understand why if you take a look at the photo above. That […]

Improve your home with romance and vintage

Are you, like me, a fan of the romantic decorating style? Then you should learn more about how to improve your home by using a vintage and romantic style. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it sure doesn’t have to be expensive, anyone can do this, and the result is usually stunning!   Use […]

A beautiful finding

I’ve probably told you before that I enjoy searching for things that makes a great match to our enamel signs, and I always get happy when I find a perfect match. It’s probably no secret that I like the shabby chic style, and the fact that I love turquoise is no secret either… Now, take […]