Photos, blogs and inspiration

I’ve written a few blog posts before where I’ve focused on photos of our signs and I can honestly say that I love to write those posts since I find it fun and exciting to share photos with you, of signs in natural environment. I think it’s great to get such a chance!

This time I’ve found three more photos to share with you, and the photos are shared from three great blogs. I really think you should try to make time to visit all these blogs since they offer frequent updates, a good style of writing and beautiful photos. I’m aware of the fact that most of the texts are written in Norwegian, but that doesn’t stop you from seeing all the beautiful photos and get some inspiration, right? These three blogs are among my favourites in Bloglandia and I hope you’ll like them too!

In these photos I’d like you to notice that you can use our signs for many different purposes. You might very well put a house number on the wall but it will look just as nice if you put a name sign with a suitable text on a piece of furniture or a wall inside. My point is that our signs are timeless, classic and just as suitable to place outside as inside the house and I think the photos will give you a good picture of that as well.



Photo: Villa von Krogh

Photo: Divamamma



The perfect lamp for a home office

We’ve talked about decorating an office before and like I told you then, I spend plenty of time in my home office since it’s a place for work but also a place where I can get some privacy when needed. Because of that I really want it to be a welcoming and cozy place even though it’s just an office.

Today I found a new desk lamp in Nordic Bliss webshop and I fell in love with it immediately! It’s amazing! So beautiful and in a very antique way. It’s absolutely fabulous and I feel an urge to order it right away. A bonus is that this lamp would be a great match to a sign from our Highlander collection. I would love to hang a sign on the wall, above the desk, with a wise quote, like for example: Labor omnia vincit (Hard work conquers all). Wouldn’t that look nice?

Photo: Nordic Bliss

Picture this sign with a latin quote…

A lovely magazine and a wonderful webshop

The blog has focused a lot on give-away’s during the weekend but even though the Facebook contest is still going on it’s time to move on to other interesting things here on the blog.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you before about the lovely online magazine Gatherings Magazine? However, it’s a wonderful magazine which I think everyone interested in home decorating should have a look at. This is actually the perfect time to do it since you can read the spring issue for free at the moment. You can find it here.

I have to say that I love this issue. Beautiful photos, interesting articles and well written texts. The article where you learn to decide whether to score or walk away from roadside finds is really great. I laughed when I read the line ”How will I get it home, do I need to rent a truck?”. Haven’t we all found things and dragged them home even though we don’t have any room for it and even though it will take plenty of time to fix? I sure have, and I could need a lesson on this subject!

Another great aspect of this issue of the magazine is that I found a new favourite shop thanks to it. Grandiflora Home is featured in the mag and I visited their webshop out of curiosity. I’m so happy I did! They have so many wonderful items. Have a look and see what you can find. Some of my favourites can be seen below.

Photos: Grandiflora Home

A beautiful photo from Australia

I’ve showed you photos of signs that belongs to winners of various give-away’s before but I haven’t posted any photos from customers yet. Today we received a photo from Yvette, a customer in Australia. She bought a sign from our Engelhardt collection and it’s already installed on her garage. I don’t know about you but I think it looks great and I especially like the contrast between the white wall and the black sign, very stylish!

Photo: Yvette Middleton