A different way to use our signs

Do you like horses? I sure do and I’ve spent plenty of time in the stables even since I was a little girl. It’s actually quite amazing because I’ve changed hobbies several times but the horse interest has remained through the years.

I hope that I will be able to have a stable with my own horses one day. It doesn’t have to be a big and fancy one like the one in the photo (even though it’s really beautiful!), just a small little stable with 2-3 horses would be perfect! I would love living in the countryside, being able to take a short walk down to the stables every morning, where I could enter the door and listen to the horses eating their breakfast while enjoying the peaceful settings. It would be wonderful!

Earlier today it came to my mind that our signs could actually be used to make a stable more beautiful and cozy as well. I haven’t really thought about it until now but I think it would look great to put an enamel sign on every stable door, with the name and birth year of the horse and maybe the name of his ancestors as well. I think it would give a classic touch to any stable. I think I would choose black ones with white text, signs from our Engelhardt collection. Wouldn’t that look nice?

Do you have a stable with your own horses already? What does it look like? I’d like to hear your stories!


Photo: Stablemaster Products

Photo: Ramsign

A little piece of history

I find old things very fascinating and I’ve got a huge interest for history. I think it’s great that all our signs has their own history and our Metropolitan collection is a great example. These blue and white signs are widely used all over Europe and they have been popular ever since the 1800’s. The reason why the signs where blue and white had nothing to do with aesthetics, even though it’s hard to believe. The real reason was that blue was the only colour available for mass production, except from black and white.

Many people have seen old blue signs in old french quarters and they really like the look and the classic touch. I love this classic style as well and I’m really glad that Ramsign decided to reproduce the wonderful, blue enamel signs. I also appreciate the fact that every sign is produced with great quality in mind and I think it’s important to mention that hundreds of photos were shot on streets and alleys of house numbers, nameplates and street signs to make the quality even better.

It’s obvious that the blue and white signs are still very popular all over Europe, as well as in other parts of the world, and I personally find these signs adorable. I don’t think they’ll ever lose their charm. Do you like these traditional enamel signs? Have you ever been to France and seen the old enamel signs that can be found there? I think it’s fascinating and it’s a piece of history for sure!



Photos: Enamelsign.com


Scandinavian country style

Have you ever visited a webshop and felt that you’ll never need another interior shop again? That’s pretty much the feeling I got when I first visited Country by mail, a webshop with wonderful products in Nordic style. The best thing is that they also offer beautiful clothes, jewelry and handmade bags. It’s a lovely shop in every way!

I paid the shop a visit this morning and had a look at all their fantastic news. Have a look at the photos below and let me know what you think? I’m totally amazed by all the beauty and I imagine you might feel the same way.


Photos: Country by mail