Discover the Scandinavian beauty

I thought it would be nice to share some true Scandinavian beauty with you! The video is from the cruise tour Hurtigruten, which takes you through Norway. The beauty is stunning and photos and videos from these places and this tour almost makes me cry since it’s so incredibly beautiful. I definitely recommend everyone to go on this boat tour if you get a chance.

This boat tour isn’t the only beautiful thing in Norway. The country is so full of natural beauty, fascinating scenery, impressive mountains and beautiful fjords. There is nothing plain and boring in the norwegian scenery, it’s dramatic and fascinating wherever you go. I love warm and sunny weather and I really enjoy being in sunny places like Crete and Cyprus but I honestly think that if I could only choose one more place to visit I would choose Norway, over and over again.

I like Oslo with it’s tourist attractions, the castle, the feeling of always being close to the water and of course the friendly people. I also love Trondheim with the impressive Nidaros Dome and the old buildings and the ancient history. Bergen is another fascinating city and this place is certainly worth a visit even if it rains a lot there. Not to mention the north of Norway, like Bodø, which is situated on the Norwegian coast. There is so much beauty to discover in Scandinavia and much of it can be found in Norway. Take a look at the video and the photos and see if you agree…



Photos: Pinterest




Rue magazine – a perfect mix of interior and fashion

Do you like beautiful clothes, nice photos and stylish interior? Of course you do! Guess why I’m asking? Well, I’ve found the perfect magazine for you, one that can be read online for free. It’s called Rue Magazine and the June/July issue is fabulous!

Have a look here to see if you like it as much as I do… I was impressed by the photos and I found the most beautiful sandals ever… A pair of ivory ancle cuff sandals by Camilla Skovgaard. Aren’t they absolutely amazing?

I also loved the article ”Une bôite à Bijoux” where I noticed the most fantastic kitchen with a beautiful marble counter top and other fantastic details. Another favourite of mine was the article ”Textbook Charm” where the author brings us all to a Swedish home that was built in 1901. It’s charming, personal and cozy, and the photos describes the feeling in a great way!

Have a look at the latest issue and let me know if you have the same favourites as I have or if you find some other treasures!



Photo: Stylebop

Lighthouses and sea shells

Who wouldn’t love to take a slow stroll on the beach after the sunset? Or to take the shoes off and walk in the sand to feel the sand between the toes? Who wouldn’t love to search for beautiful sea shells, while looking out, over the sea, with a beautiful old lighthouse in the background? I know I would! That’s the perfect environment during summer and I can’t think of a more beautiful place than the fisherman’s village, Skagen, in northern Denmark. It’s idyllic, beautiful, rich in nature and it’s genuine. To see the two seas meet is fantastic and I think everybody should try to get there at some point.

Our signs from the lighthouse collection makes it easy to bring back the memories from Skagen, or from other summer memories. The rust red signs has their origin in Skagen and that’s obvious. This colour isn’t just popular in Skagen though, it’s a favourite in other European places as well. Sweden is a great example, where you can find red painted cottages and houses all over. The rust red colour has been a favourite in Sweden for centuries and it’s still going strong. People paint their houses with rust red linseed oil paint and a Lighthouse name sign or house number is the perfect item to match this with.

I love to think of Skagen and its fishermen and lighthouses, and I love talking a stroll on a sandy beach, looking for sea shells to bring home as a memory. I also love taking a walk in the Swedish countryside, looking at the beautifully painted red houses that can be found all over. What does this mean? That I love the Lighthouse collection obviously! Do you like it too?


Beautiful Skagen

Photo: Pinterest

Photos: Ramsign