Signs from Norway

I’ve told you before that I love Norway and the more I think about it, the more I love that country! All countries are beautiful during summer, but Norway is fascinating, beautiful and authentic all year. The summers are amazing with the mountains, the fjords and the wild nature, but so is the fall and the spring. There is also something fascinating over the Norwegian winter. I love the white snow in the mountains, the ice on the lakes and it always feels like I’m a part of a winter tale when I visit Norway during winter.

My love for Norway also covers Norwegian interior blogs. I think the photos are lovely in many of the Norwegian blogs and many of the bloggers writes in a very good way with a great mix of interior, daily life and fascinating texts.

We’ve sponsored some give-away’s on Norwegian blogs the last years, and we’ve also got plenty of customers in Norway. I’ve found some nice photos of signs from Ramsign on some of my favourite blogs, and I thought it would be nice to show you. Have a look! Aren’t they beautiful? I definitely think so, and I think the blogs are wonderful as well.


Photo: Husmannsplassen i Hidlesundet

Photo: Violettas Verden

Photo: Husfruas Memoarer

In love with the french country style

I’ve been a fan of the french country style for years now, and I guess it’s quite logic since I like white interior and vintage. The more I think about it, the more I realize that our Metropolitan sign collection is a big part of the french country style. Why? Well, listen to this and judge yourself…

Dark blue enamel signs (similar to our Metropolitan signs) have been seen all over Europe since the 1800’s and they were particularly popular in France, where they could be seen on house walls, streets, fences and buildings. You could see them in Paris as well as other towns during the 1800s and they’re still there. I think this is amazing, how you still can find signs from the past, still so beautiful.

The signs that we make today is produced to last for many years as well. Hopefully people will be able to look at them in 70 years, and become impressed by how well kept they are. It will probably be as fascinating to them, as the old french signs are to us. Don’t you think?


Photo: Ramsign


Well, the dark blue signs are not the only thing I like about the french style. I’ve discovered a wonderful webshop, Dibor, which is based in the UK, which sells many beautiful items, which can easily be described as french country style. I love the memo board on the picture below and the carafe is beautiful as well, don’t you think? These are just a few of all the beautiful products you can find in this web shop and I really think you should have a look at their website, at least if you like french country style as much as I do!



Photos: Dibor


Do you know any other web shop where it’s possible to find french country style items? I’d be happy to take a look.

Rococo – an impressive style

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s really interesting and fascinating to look at various styles when it comes to architecture, decoration and interior design. I consider the rococo style, or Late Baroque, as it’s sometimes called, to be one of the most fascinating styles ever. The rococo style wouldn’t be a good match in my home, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking it’s an extremely impressive style.

What do you know about this style, that was so big in Europe once? It was developed in the early part of 18th century and as with so many other things it all started in France, Paris to be more specific. People wanted something else than the politically influenced Baroque style and that led to a new, more ornated style with colours and assymetric designs. Rooms decorated in rococo style were like art pieces, with elegant furniture, ornamental mirrors, beautiful scupltures and sometimes also wall paintings.



Photos: Pinterest


The most fascinating thing with the rococo style was that it appreciated assymetric designs and that was something new in Europe at that time. The assymetry is actually one of the things that I appreciate the most with this style when I look at it today. I also like some of the paintings from the rococo era very much, especially the still life paintings by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Jardin. There are also some impressive buildings from the rococo era, worth mentioning, such as St. Andrews Church in Kiev. It was designed by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli and it’s really beautiful!




Do you like rococo and what do you like most about it? Do you have any other favourite style or era?

Treasures to find in 91 Magazine

Remember the last give-away on the blog, where you were supposed to tell me what you like most about the fall? I received many interesting and inspiring answers, most people seems to appreciate the colours most about the fall, but also the fresh air, the leaves, the perfect opportunity to light some candles and so on… I love all these things, but I also love one more thing about the fall. Do you know what it is? The autumn issue of 91 Magazine, of course! It’s available to read online now, and it’s completely free. I’ve already told you that I love 91 Magazine and this issue is definitely no exception.

What’s so special about it? Well, first of all I found out about a new book that I have to get my hands on… Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker, the blogger behind the wonderful blog Decor8. The book seems to be great from what I can read in this issue of 91 Magazine and I definitely need to read it soon! I expect great advice, beautiful photos and well written texts. This could be the perfect christmas present for everyone interested in home decor, don’t you think?



I also enjoyed reading ‘A vintage lovers guide to Berlin’, since I love vintage and plan to visit Berlin some time, hopefully soon. There are so many beautiful and fascinating places to visit in Germany, and Berlin is definitely one of them. Imagine to combine historical and culture attractions with great places for vintage shopping. Sounds like the dream vacation to me…

From Paris, with Style is another favourite of mine. I love french interior and this article is interesting. Oh my, how I’d love to visit Au Petit Bonheur La Chance! I’m sure I’d find so many beautiful treasures there!

Another favourite of mine is the text ‘From screen to social’. It tells the truth about blogging, how a blogger needs to be a good writer, editor and pr pro at the same time. It’s a really interesting article and it mentions social meetings for bloggers as well, such as Meet the Blogger that took place in Amsterday in June. It will take place in Stockholm next year and I can assure you that I’ll be there! I think it’s great that bloggers get a chance to get together to get to know each other, inspire and get inspired, learn more about publishing, writing, photographing and many other things. These social events are fantastic opportunities and I hope to meet many of you on one of these meetings one day 🙂

Well, I guess I just wanted to tell you that the new issue of 91 Magazine is out… My advice? Head over to the site and read it right away!




Help your guests with door signs

I often hear that people like our number signs, and most people appreciate the classic look that gives them a touch of vintage. It’s easy to figure out why it’s smart to get a number sign, it definitely makes it a lot easier for the postman, and also for friends when they come to visit for the first time.

I’ve also talked to plenty of people who loves our nameplates. The fact that you can customize your own sign and make it personal and unique is appealing and everyone has their own favourite when it comes to design and size. I love them all, they all got their own charm, but Highlander is the style that goes best with my apartment at the moment.

However, I have to mention another type of sign that can be really practical to place outdoors as well as indoors, the door sign! There are plenty of alternatives to choose between and they can be used on the outside as well as inside the house. The oval signs look great inside, like the sign with the text ”WC” for example. Bath is another alternative, or Office. Perfect to place on the doors in the house to make it easier for guests to find the right room.


Photo: Houzz


The larger signs makes a great addition to the frontdoor. The text can be Welcome, Beware of Dog, No Dogs Allowed or something else. There are plenty of alternatives to choose between, and these signs come in all five styles of course.


Photo: Restyled Vintage


I love doorsigns and think they make the home more personal. The large ones can be used on house walls and fences and gates as well, and they look great wherever they are placed.




Do you have any doorsigns at home? Outside or inside? I have both actually, and I think I will get a few more for the doors inside very soon. I’ve got two bathrooms, so why not get two signs, one with ”Ladies” and one with ”Gents”… Wouldn’t that be nice?