Hot or Not – Interior Trends 2013

I’m kind of stuck in bed at the moment, since the flu won’t let go. It’s frustrating obviously, but the good thing (if any…) is that I have more than enough time to catch up on interesting articles, blogs and such things. Earlier today I read several articles on colour trends 2013, and it was really interesting. Thought it would be fun to share some of the things I learned with you.

The first article I read mentioned some of the predictions made by the trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort. She had plenty of things to share, like these for example:

  1. Pattern will be trendy again. A white background with flowers or other patterns on will be back in business. It can be on furniture, textiles, canvas…. As long as the background is white and the pattern is clearly visible. We will also see increased inspiration from African folklore and mexican, just to mention a few sources of inspiration.
  2. Knitting and other hand craft will get even more popular. You can find it all on Etsy, but you can also take this as an excuse to live out your interest for hand crafting. You might hold a big talent in your hands!
  3. More inspiration from Africa. It’s not just when it comes to patterns that we’ll get inspiration from Africa. Voodoo, spirits and African hallucinations will inspire us big time!
  4. Buy yourself some hand sketching if you want to lead the way… Expect hand sketching and calligraphy to become a huge part of the design trend this year.


Vicki Payne at For Your Home has some predictions as well. She writes that neutrals will make a comeback this year. This means lighter blue colours and navy will get more important, just like leathery brown. She also thinks purple is here to stay, and that olive will get stronger this year.

She believes yellow will get softer, and red will get more orange. Another prediction of hers is that wallpaper will make a big comeback during 2013. She also thinks we’ll see an increased trend when it comes to bamboo, stained glass and shells used in home decoration, while non-sustainable material will get less popular.


Photo: Eco Wallpaper


Interesting trend predictions, don’t you think? I really like the idea of using more natural materials, like seashells and bamboo at home, so this is a trend to welcome if you ask me.

Choosing wallpapers – an important but tough decision to make

Do you know what I’ve been up to this week? Well, many things of course, but one thing except from the usual stuff… I’ve been choosing wallpapers for our home. We’ve decided that it’s time to change the colour scheme in most rooms, so yesterday I decided to go ahead, and after hours and hours of thinking the wallpapers were selected for the livingroom, the hall and the kitchen. It wasn’t easy, but I think it will look nice when it’s finished. It can take a few months though, before the work is done, but I guess I’ll have to live with that 🙂

Selecting wallpapers isn’t an easy task though… It came to my mind as I sat there, trying to choose, that wallpapers are more important than one normally bear in mind. It sets the style for the entire room, yes, actually the entire home. It’s difficult to make it fit with extremely modern equipment and details if you’ve selected a totally old-style wallpaper, and the other way around…

I decided not to show you any photos of the wallpapers of choice now, I’ll save that until they’re being set up instead. Think it will be much more fun to show you the final result, don’t you think?

However, I thought I’d show you a few other wallpapers that I noticed while searching for the perfect alternative. The one in the top of this post isn’t taken from any specific wallpaper manufacturer, it’s just a beautiful wallpaper, which I found at Pretty Space.

All the ones below are from the collection Fioton 5 from Flügger though. It’s the same collection as some of the wallpapers I selected, and I think these are quite nice. What do you think?

I like this one… It’s clean, easy to match and yet personal. I think this is a wallpaper that could be used in many different rooms, but it sure looks good in this dining room area.



This one isn’t clean and easy to match, but I think it would be perfect for just one wall in a large room, as a contrast to the other walls, as long as the other walls are more neutral and quite bright.



The one below is real nice, don’t you think? I really like what it does to the office, and I could actually see myself having this wallpaper in my office. It’s quite unique and I like it!



There are so many beautiful wallpapers to choose between, and it can be a tough decision to make… What kind of wallpapers do you have at home? And what colours would you choose if you were going to select new ones today?

The perfect home

I think I might have told you before that we’re searching for a new home, and it will most likely be a chain-house, or at least that what I hope it will be. However, I’ve been thinking about my dream home, and I thought I’d list some things that I think is vital in the perfect home.

  •  Spacious rooms with high ceilings and large windows. I think it’s stylish and beautiful and if I was to buy a large villa, I’d definitely search for one with high ceilings, as it makes the rooms a lot more airy.



  • A home office with bright colours, with much light coming in from outside. I really like the home office in the photo below. The colour scheme is real nice, and I like the chairs a lot. They make a great contrast to all the white in the room, don’t you think?



  • A spacious and cozy bathroom. I love the one below, and who wouldn’t appreciate to have a stone bathroom? I’d love to relax in the bath, with sunrays coming in through the window. It’s one of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve ever seen, and I think the bathroom is a truly important part of any home.



  • A warm and welcoming bedroom. I can’t decide if I would choose a white bedroom with white painted wooden floors, or a bedroom like the one on the photo. I actually like redecorated barns, made into homes, and I’d love to have a home like that! The rustic decorating style is one of my true favourites.


All photos: Pinterest


These are the most important things in a home according to me. However, I probably won’t get all these components in my new home, and that’s fine. It’s fun to dream though, and it would be interesting to hear your opinions. What is the most important room/factor in a home according to you?

A unique wedding gift

One more weekend is over, and it’s been a good but hectic one. What have you been up to? Anything fun, or just relaxed and enjoyed the time off from work?

As I said, it’s been a quite hectic weekend, but I did nonetheless have time to think, and this time I considered various ways to use our signs. It’s obvious that you can use them as namesigns, number signs, door signs and such things, but have you ever thought of what a great wedding gift a sign like this could be?

The Ramsign in top of this post would be the perfect wedding gift for a couple who were going to start their life together in a new house. The family name on top, the year of marriage in the middle, and the name of the cottage below. Wouldn’t that be great? I think it would be real personal and unique, and something that made you remember the happiest day of your life, every time you looked at it. I would definitely like it!

Gail, the lovely owner of the blog My Repurposed Life, came up with this idea a long time before I did… She gave this sign (below) to her daughter as a wedding gift, and I think it’s beautiful, and such a nice idea!



Do you like the idea to use signs as wedding gifts? Do you have other ideas of how they can be used? Let’s hear it 🙂