The kitchen of my dreams

Tell me something… If you were to choose a new kitchen for your place, whether you live in an apartment or a house, what would you have in mind? What’s important, is there any ”must have” and any big ”no-no”?

Take a look at the kitchen above! It’s from Neptune, a company of which I’m a big fan, and it’s got almost everything I’m looking for in a kitchen. The list below includes my requirements on the perfect kitchen, and as you can see, most items can be checked if you compare the list with the kitchen above!

  • Spacious – I want to have much room for cooking, baking and cleaning, and I also want a quite large spot for dining, which I would get in this kitchen.
  • Light – I’d like to have a bright kitchen with much light, since I think I get more energy from a room where the light reaches me through the windows.
  • Contrasts – I love the contrasts between black and white which can be seen in this kitchen. I’m a huge fan of white, but some black makes the white even more beautiful, don’t you think?
  • Classy, traditional furniture – Trendy, modern furniture can be nice for sure, but I personally prefer classy, traditional furniture which can be used year after year without losing it’s charm. I love the furniture in this kitchen from Neptune!
  • A unique touch – I want something unique in every room, and I love the wooden parts of the roof as well as the stone wall in this kitchen. It gives the room a unique touch, and that’s exactly why this is the kitchen of my dreams.

Does your list include the same things as mine, or would it look completely different? Would you like to show a picture of the kitchen of your dreams? I’d love to see it!

A cool piece of furniture for book lovers

You already know that I love home decorating, but did you know that I love books as well? I love reading and a big shelf with room for all my books and more to come is definitely a must when we move to our new place. I found this really cool shelf with a reading ”cave” earlier today. Biketjänst is a company with library furniture and interior, and they’ve got this cool shelf in store as well. It’s designed by Sakura Adachi, and I love the fact that it has room for plenty of books, it’s got a place where you can sit and read and get some privacy, and it even has built-in light, which makes it usable in the evening and in the middle of the night as well. Isn’t that great? I sure think so!

I’ve never seen any furniture like this combined bookcase and seating, and I love the idea and the creativity. Do you like it? Would you use it in your own home? I would probably not put it in my livingroom, mostly because it doesn’t fit with my usual decorating style, but it would definitely be cool to put it in the kids room, or maybe in my bedroom. As I said, it’s a really cool piece of furniture and it definitely fills a purpose.

Have you seen any cool furniture lately? Something unique and creative that you’d like to share?

Cool and eco-friendly sofa by Cate & Nelson

As I’ve told you before I’m very proud to work for a company that cares about the environment and takes its responsibility by producing signs that lasts for many decades. I’m not only a fan of our work though, I’m happy to give other responsible companies and designers credit for their contribution to a healthy environment as well, and a big smile appeared on my face earlier when I found this really cool sofa. It’s fabulous, don’t you think?

The designers behind the sofa is Cate & Nelson and they’ve designed this creation for Offecct. The best thing with this piece of furniture is that it’s made to provide good comfort while consuming as little material as possible. The result is this comfortable sofa which has very low impact on the environment. I love the result! What do you think? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Do tell 🙂

Get a unique home with french street signs

Are you, like me, a fan of the french country style and old french street signs? I love their beautiful vintage look and the deep blue colour which looks just as nice after many decades. A street sign might not be the obvious choice when you’re searching for items to place in your home in order to give it a unique and beautiful touch, but honestly…. Is there anything more french and classic than a street sign, placed on a wall shelf, on the wall inside or maybe on a rustic chair somewhere in the house? I don’t think so!

Did you know that the nameplates that you can buy from Ramsign can be customized according to your wishes? They doesn’t have to contain your name at all, you can just as well choose a street name to put on it. And if you want an even more detailed sign you may order one of our address plaques and include both the address and the street name, and of course it doesn’t have to be your own address, you can obviously choose a french name instead to make it even more authentic.

I honestly love this idea, and I think I will place a sign like that in my home as soon as the new wallpaper is up. I’ve found a really nice rustic table which I will place in the livingroom, and I think a blue and white street sign would look just great on it! What do you think? Any ideas on how you can use a french street sign in your home? Do you like the idea?

How to change a room with help from colours

I read an interesting article about the impact that the colour choice makes in a room. For example, the same colour on the walls, the ceiling and the floor can feel a bit surrealistic and sterile, and it’s easy to get a feeling of insecurity in a room like that. By adding a different colour to the floor you’ll feel much more secure and stable right away. Take a look at the photo above… It’s borrowed from Eco Wallpapers, and I love the contrast between the dark floor and the light walls. I’m usually a fan of white, but I can agree that white can feel a bit sterile when used on all instances.

Further, I also learned from the article that you can make a room look wider and shorter by painting one of the short walls in a dark colour, and by painting one of the short walls in white you can make the room look more narrow but also longer. If you on the contrary choose to paint one of the long walls white the room will look wider and shorter. Interesting, don’t you think?

Have you given much thought to the colour choice in your home, or have you just picked your favourite colours without considering the effect it has in each room? I have to admit I haven’t considered this before, but I definitely will in the future!