Spring – a season full of life and colours

I’ve got some hope about spring again. It doesn’t snow anymore, and the sun has been shining for a couple of days now. The snow is melting and I can feel a touch of spring in the air. This makes me really happy, and I guess it’s not only me, most people seems to share this happiness actually.

Do you know what the funny thing is? My interior preferences changes a bit when the spring arrives. I tend to like colours a lot more in the spring, than I do in the winter. Take a look at the photo above for instance… I would never look twice at a room like that if it was winter, but when the spring comes, along with the sun, I really like colours like these. I think the mix of blue, green, yellow and brown is brilliant, and I love the decision to keep the wooden floors while decorating in a quite bold way. It’s creative, it’s smart and it’s fantastic. I actually feel even happier when I look at a room full of colours, like the one above.

Do you share my fascination for colours? Or do you stick with the colours you usually have in your home? Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s really fun to bring some new colours into the home at this time of year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new carpet, new textiles in the windows, some flower bouquets in the rooms or just some new pillows, but one thing is sure; spring is a season full of life and colours!

How to use your favourite sign

I’ve been telling you over and over again that March is the first spring month, but I’m honestly starting to doubt that… Doubt it very much actually! It’s been snowing for a couple of days now, and according to the weather forecast it will keep snowing for about one more week. I don’t like it, not one bit… I want rising temperatures, melting snow, cute little flowers etc, not snow!

However, I promised that I would give you some advice on how to use the signs that you can order from Ramsign, and that’s a promise I intend to keep, so here it goes!

House exterior – This is probably the most obvious choice. It doesn’t matter if you choose a number sign, a nameplate or an adress plaque; it’ll look just great on the wall of the house, or on the fence, or even on the mailbox! Do you have a house with white stone walls? It’ll look amazing with an Engelhardt sign on! Very classic and classy!

Living room – This is the perfect room for signs actually. Maybe you have a shelf on the wall, or a bookshelf somewhere in the room? Then it’s the perfect place to show off your sign. The sign can include your family name, just like it does on the beautiful sign above, or it can include a beautiful and memorable quote, or maybe your lucky number. Everyone should be able to see your favourite sign, and that’s why you should place it in the room where you spend most time.

Kitchen – The kitchen is a great place for signs as well! You can put one above the entrance door, with the simple text ”Kitchen”, to let everyone find their way into the room. You can also put a beautiful sign, maybe a Highlander, on the wall, with some french words on, leading the thought to the french cuisine.

Bedroom – Why not place a sign in the bedroom? Is it your bedroom? Well, why not make it a sign with a quote on, such as ”Love conquers all”, or ”Amor Vincit Omnia”. Is it the guestroom? Make it a simple ”Welcome”, ”Sweet Dreams” or something else to show your appreciation for your guests.

There are also many more places where signs can be used, and I will make sure to give you more advice soon. Have you got a sign at home? Where have you placed it and why?

A kitchen dream

It’s a lovely day for sure! The weekend is coming up, the sun is shining, the snow is melting from the rooftops… Even if it’s still quite cold, it’s the perfect spring day. Couldn’t get any better actually. Sure, I want warmer temperatures, but these cold, early spring days has its charm too, don’t you think?

I have a photo to share with you… And a question to come with it of course, I guess you saw that one coming, didn’t you? Well, you should start with taking a look at the photo above. It’s the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen! I’ve seen many beautiful kitchens, but this one beats them all, honestly! I love the white colour, the light coming in from the windows, and I love the wooden floors, and I actually love the fact that they are not white-painted. Even if I’m usually a fan of white-painted wooden floors, I think the owner of this kitchen made the perfect choice, having it darker. It makes the room more vivid and fascinating, and it adds that final touch to make the kitchen totally perfect.

So, what’s the question you might wonder… It’s actually two questions. First; do you like this kitchen as much as I do? What do you like about it? Or don’t like? And the second one… Is this the kitchen of your dreams as well, or would you have picked another solution? Maybe you can share a photo of anything similar to the choice of yours? I’m excited to hear your answers here!

A terrific example of Danish design

Danish design… Are you a fan of it? I know lots of people love Scandinavian design in general, and Danish design in particular, and I have to say that I completely understand why. There are so many beautiful things coming from Danish designers, and today I found a new favourite among them.

The candle holders above are produced by a Danish design studio named KiBiSi, and they are meant to reflect the traditional shapes of old time candle holders and candelabras. They are produced for a brand named Menu, which by the way have many beautiful items in store.

I’m a huge fan of eco-design, and that’s one of the reasons that I love these candle holders. They are made of natural material, has a natural look, and they will last for decades. Couldn’t be much better, or what do you think?

What’s the weather like over at your place by the way? Over here it’s still cold, and we even had some snow a couple of days ago. Not exactly the spring signs I was hoping for, but it has to be there, around the corner… Don’t you think?


How to welcome the spring into the house

I think we can all agree on the fact that March is the first spring month, even if the snow is still very visible, right? I can see a very clear difference between February and March. The days are getting longer, the birds have started to sing, it’s easier to find fresh flowers to bring into the house and it’s possible to feel the warmth from the sun-rays again after a long and cold winter.

However, we all handle the fact that spring is arriving in various ways. Some people are cleaning the entire house from floor to roof to make it fresh and clean, others bring flowers into every room to get a more obvious touch of spring, others again use different colours for decorating compared to their winter decoration style. What about you? Do you have any specific plans to welcome the spring, or any way to make the spring arrival more obvious?

I’ve got two ways to welcome the spring into my home. #1 is flowers. I love flowers; tulips, daffodils, lavender… So very sweet and it feels to me like their giving a promise that the summer will come soon. My plan is to place a vase with flowers in every room. It’s not only beautiful, I think it adds a welcoming touch as well, which is great if any guests decides to come over for a visit.

#2 is colours. I love white whatever season it might be, but I also think pastels are perfect when the spring is coming. It brings more life into the room, and I love the way they’ve used various colours in the shelf above. Have a look at it… Isn’t it a perfect way to decorate for spring? Pastels, flowers, lavender and an open storage solution… Love it!

So, the conclusion for me is; more colours, more flowers and of course plenty of new textiles to complete the picture of it all.