How to create the perfect garden

As summer is approaching it gets more and more important to start spending time in the garden, and gardening becomes a daily activity, at least for me. I love gardening, and I love to spend time in the garden during summer, but the garden can also be a source of frustration unless it looks like it’s supposed to do. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t like plain lawns without any drama… I want a garden full of small, arranged rooms built up by stones and flowers as well as bushes and trees. I want the garden to be cozy, not perfect.

What does the perfect garden look like according to you? Do you prefer the minimalistic style with a lawn and a few bushes, or do you like a more wild-grown style, with flowers, stones and bushes arranged in a natural looking way?

Natural stones can help you create a beautiful garden

I really like the idea to use natural stones for landscaping purpose. It can be used to create walls in the garden, as well as layers, and it can also surround flowers in a very nice way. Landscaping with stones doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can accomplish a great result quite quickly, just by following a few steps.

  • Find the stones that you need. You can dig it up in the landscape, if you have a good place to harvest stones. You can also buy it from various shops.
  • Start creating focal points in the garden by placing bigger stones where it fits. You should combine these big stones with smaller ones, to create interesting groups of stones.
  • Create lines of stones or rocks in the garden where you want to build natural borders. You can build walkways by doing this, and you can create natural stairs in the garden as well.
  • Make it look natural by adding mulch, leaves, and grass between the stones and rocks, as it might look too arranged with just plain stones.
  • Use your imagination to get the result you’d like to get. It’s your garden, and it’s supposed to look like you want it to.

Do you like the idea of using natural stones and rocks in your garden? Maybe you’ve already got some natural stones out there? I’m eager to see photos, hear your comments and of course, read blog posts if you’ve written some on the topic 🙂

Find your decorating style

Are you interested in home decor? I’m sure you are, otherwise you probably wouldn’t read this blog at all, but what I don’t know is what decorating style you prefer. Do you know? I believe many people out there haven’t paid any thought to decorating styles, they just decorate with whatever colors and patterns they might find appealing, and there’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it can be exciting to learn more about various decorating styles, don’t you think?

Casual decor is common, and the casual style can be recognized for its simple details, textured elements in fabrics as well as a lack of perfect symmetry. People who wants a relaxed home often choose a casual decorating style, and this can include shabby chic, rustic style, french country style and other popular ways to decorate. In a room decorated in the casual style you will find comfortable furniture, natural fabrics like cotton and wool and horizontal details.

Another popular style is the formal style, which is in many ways the total opposite of the casual style. When you see a room decorated in formal style you’ll immediately notice the symmetry of flooring, walls, furniture, windows and everything in between. This is a style that is perfect to use in a home with tall windows and high ceiling. In order to make the most out of this style, you’ll need luxurious accessories, such as beautiful chandeliers, perfectly polished windows and mirrors, antique items and of course original artworks.

Do you like to stay updated and follow the latest trends? Then you might be a fan of the contemporary style. Here it’s all about colours, shape and space, and the result is usually very fresh, and a room decorated in the contemporary style can make you very happy in a moment. Black and neutrals are often used as a base, while brighter colours can be used as accents. Line and space is also a very important factor. Everything stands out in this decorating style, and the common way to do it is to decorate with just a few accessories. Use colours to draw attention, and make sure to decorate in a very basic way where lines should be your main focus. Everything should be well structured.

If you’d like to have the same furniture and the same colours you’ve always had, then it’s best to go for the Traditional style. It’s not the style for a person who loves modern design, and who wants to go with every trend, but it’s the perfect style if you want a home where people of all ages can feel comfortable. The furnitures in a home like this will be classic and functional, with gentle curves. The colour scheme is usually somewhere between dark and light, but more colourful accessories can be found as well. The main focus here is to create a home that is calming and simple, where it’s possible to sit down and relax. Everything in this home, from textiles to windows, will express a classic and traditional touch, and nothing will stand out in this traditional home.

So, did you learn anything new about yourself and your way to decorate? I can tell that I’m definitely a ”casual decorator”, and I love to mix the french country style with shabby chic, but I’m also a fan of the rustic, industrial style nowadays. The fun thing with home decor is that you can mix and match as much as you’d like… Isn’t that cool?



Contemporary design at its best

You know me, I think colours are so important in a home, and I can’t stop talk about it… The funny thing is that I count white as a colour too in this case. A home can be beautiful, just because the owner has the great taste to keep it all white. White can make a home plain if used in the wrong way, but it can also make a home very welcoming and classy if used in the right way.

Well, it wasn’t white that I wanted to talk to you about this time… Quite the opposite actually. Take a look at the photo above! Isn’t it totally incredible? Does the colours make you happy? I sure get happy by looking at them! I don’t even know what I like most about it… The colour striped sofa, the contrast of the black from the tree against the coloured wall (which I by the way find very warm and welcoming), or the fantastic books on the shelf. I guess it’s the whole picture that makes it so cool.

I don’t know if I would be brave enough to decorate a room in my home like this, but I honestly which I would, because I think it’s impossible to feel anything but happy in a room like this. The way to mix the colours is genious, and I would love to come up with an idea like this of my own, wouldn’t you?

How to create the perfect garden

I promised you two things in my last post, namely to tell you who the winner of the give-away is, and how you can get a beautiful garden, with help from enamel signs and other things. I’ve decided to make two posts, two make it easier to find the right information. Let’s start with the gardening post, ok?

There are many things you can do to make the garden more beautiful and inspiring, and it doesn’t matter too much if you live in a house with a small garden or a real big one, there are plenty of things to do anyhow, and I’ve decided to make a list for you.


  • There are hundreds of ways to create a cozy place in the garden, but I really like the idea of making rooms in the garden, and you can have a ”room” even if you’ve got a small garden. Plant the flowers in a square, with room for a bench to sit on in the middle. Want to make it even cosier? Place a tree beside the bench so that you can relax there when the sun gets to hot in the summer.
  • The best way to continue is to kill the grass in the area where you plan to plant flowers. Use herbicide, and when this is done, you can cover the ground for approx. 5 weeks to make sure all grass roots are dead.
  • Start making a list of flowers that you’d like to plant. You should consider the climate zone when choosing plants, as some flowers won’t make it where you live, while others are perfectly suitable for that specific climate. Make sure to put the flowers in an area where they’ll get at least 5-7 hours of sunlight every day.
  • Arrange the flowers according to height, colour and water need. Put the tallest plants in the back row, and the smallest in the front row. Also use matching colours.
  • When all flowers and bushes are planted it’s time to plant the tree where you want it to be, and to put the bench in the right place.
  • Place a pergola or another type of entrance where you enter the garden room. Put an enamel sign on the pergola or the entrance, with a text that you like. It could be a simple text like Welcome, but it can also be something garden related, or just a quote that you like. Ramsign has various designs, so whatever colour scheme you’ve chosen for the garden room, you’ll be able to find a sign which suits the purpose. I would love to have a black Engelhardt sign, with a short text, such as ”My Garden Room” or something like that, and with a red heart at the bottom. Wouldn’t that look nice? What type of sign would you choose? And what text?


Did you like the idea? I think it would be amazing to have a spot like this in the garden, and I will definitely consider doing something similar to this later this year.

I’ll write a new post later on, with info about the winner.

A beautiful sample of Danish design

Have you heard about the Danish company Multiform? I can tell you one thing… If you’d like to get the perfect kitchen, you should definitely take a look at what Multiform can do for you. Their kitchen solutions is something extra, and I’m really impressed by the kitchen solution on the photo above. It gives you the opportunity to change between a minimalistic kitchen and one where you can show as many things as you’d like.

What’s so unique about it you might wonder. Well, you can actually make parts of the kitchen island rise by pushing a button. You can hide a mini bar any time you’d like, or add a shelf just as easy. It’s simple, yet advanced, and it’s certainly unique!

I love Danish design, and this kitchen solution from Multiform is truly amazing.

I will give you a winner of the give-away tomorrow, and I will also give you a few advice on how to improve your garden before summer. Our enamel signs can be used, just as wooden items. Don’t forget to come by tomorrow if you’d like to find out what I’m talking about 🙂