Our oval signs

I’ve noticed that our oval house number signs are very popular, and I can clearly see why, as these are among my favorites as well. I especially love the black and white house number signs in oval shape, no matter size actually. I’m not sure if you’ve seen all our oval plaques though, as I haven’t showed you photos of them all previously. Therefore I decided to share a photo of an oval house number plaque in the size 7.1″x7.9″  today. The sign in the photo is a black one with white text, the one we call Engelhardt, but it’s possible to have it in other colours as well of course. Do you like it? I certainly do!

It’s nice to put a sign like this on the wall obviously, stating the address numbers, but it can be used for so many other things as well. I’d love to have a sign of this size and shape which expressed my son’s birthyears. I’d love to place it over their beds or on a shelf in their rooms. Above that one I’d put a rectangular sign with their names on. Wouldn’t that be a great thing to do? This is just one of they ways to use a sign like this, and I’m sure you can come up with several ideas of your own. Maybe you’ve already got a number sign, which you use in another way than the obvious? I’d be thrilled if you’d like to share the story behind the sign with us.

Well, my mission in this post was to show you one of my favorites, and I’ve done that now, along with a little advice on alternative ways to use it. As always, I’d be happy if you decided to share your own creative ideas too 🙂




Something made my day

I received an e-mail yesterday… An e-mail which made my day. It was from Debbie, the owner of the blog Mountain Breaths, and it contained a link to a blog post where she showed her new sign from Ramsign, and she wrote so many kind words about us and our signs. It made be really happy, and I hope that you’ll pay her blog a visit, because it’s a real good one!

I love her choice of sign, and I think it looks amazingly good with this black sign on the black door, and the flowers below the sign makes the whole picture even better. Debbie made a great decision, don’t you think?

So, tell me something… Debbie did choose this black house number, but what sign would you choose if you could have anything from our shop? A house number? An address plaque? A name plate? A blue and white? Or maybe a green…? And what would it say? I’m really curious, so feel free to comment below!