Shabby chic painting – do it like a pro!

I don’t post video posts very often, but I found such a great tutorial video today, and I thought I really had to show it to you, as I know that many of you share my love for shabby chic furniture. With help from this video you’ll be able to paint your own furniture in a shabby chic style, isn’t that great?

As shabby chic is really trending now it can be quite expensive to buy everything shabby, but thanks to this tutorial you’ll now be able to buy furniture, whether they’re old or new, in good shape or bad shape, and then paint it in the way you’d like. I think it’s great, and it’s also a great way to save money!

Interested? Just watch the video and see how it can be done. I know it’s quite long, but it’s really interesting, and I can assure you that you’ll learn a lot by watching it from the first minute to the last. Soon you’ll be able to paint furniture, so they look just as beautiful as the beautiful piece you can see above, borrowed from Apartments I Like.


Ramsign love with a french touch

There are so many beautiful styles and items out there when it comes to home interiors, and it can be quite tricky to choose among all things available in the shops. There are things and styles which I love deeply though, and I always need these items/styles to be present in my home. The first of these things is the French decorating style. I love it! The second thing is signs from Ramsign (how could it be something else?). Both these things have their natural place in my home, and the greatest thing is that they are easy to combine as well.

As you can see above, signs doesn’t have to be put on a wall, fence or door, they can be placed on shelves as well, or as in this case, on the wall, in a cute wall hanger, which is obviously meant for documents, but works great for beautiful signs as well…. I don’t know what you think, but I think it’s a perfect place for it, as I can see it all the time, when I turn around to check what time it is. It can be good to get a little reminder every now and then, to seize the moment and make the most of every precious hour, and that’s exactly what I get by placing the sign next to the clock. The clock is, by the way, a gift from my mother, who loves everything French just as much as I do. I think it’s so beautiful, and it’s a perfect match for the sign, don’t you think?

I’ve got more signs to show you, so I promise to add more photos from my home another day. I just wanted to give you a little sneak peak from my home, and I also wanted to show you that our name signs can be so much more than just a name sign… They can contain a well-known quote, or a date to remember, just to mention a few ideas.


Improve your home with romance and vintage

Are you, like me, a fan of the romantic decorating style? Then you should learn more about how to improve your home by using a vintage and romantic style. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it sure doesn’t have to be expensive, anyone can do this, and the result is usually stunning!


  • Use paint and wallpapers – It’s quite easy to get the style you’re trying to achieve with help from paint and wallpapers. Wallpapers are usually more expensive, so if you’ve found a wallpaper you really like, but can’t afford to buy too much of it, just use it on one wall, and use paint for the other walls. It looks great and the wallpapered wall will make a great eye-catcher in the room.
  • Photo wallpapers will help – Have you seen the new type of photo wallpapers? You can get almost any pattern you’d like, as you can use your own photos to make wallpapers from if you want. You can also choose already exisiting ones, where photos have been used to make the wallpaper look like stone, tiles, concrete or other rough surfaces. This will give a rustic but romantic feeling to your home.
  • Flowers are trendy – Yes, flowers are actually trendy again! It can be wallpapers with flowers and leaves on, as the one from Eco Wallpaper that can be seen above, all in natural colours with a neutral background, but it can also be textiles, cushions and accessories. Use flowering accessories to make the bed room more romantic, but use it wisely. If you’ve decided to go with a wallpaper with flowers on, it may be wise to leave it there, don’t use accessories and textiles with flowers as well, it can easily become too much.
  • Dirty pastel colors are friends of yours – Do you like pastels? Retro and vintage are still popular styles, and pastel colors are still trendy, but now they should be a bit more dirty than before. Use pastel pink or green, but with a dirty touch to make it a great combination between rough and cute.
  • Close related colors will give each other a lift – I know that most people believe that you should avoid mixing two close related colors, but this is actually not true. Close related colors will, on the contrary, give each other a lift, which makes the whole picture a lot more appealing. Purple, blue and turquoise doesn’t have to be a disaster when used together, it can actually be a quite eye-catching unity!


It all comes to finding a style that you like. Your home doesn’t have to look like the homes in the interior magazines, after all, it’s you who lives there, and therefore it’s most important that you really love it!

Have you already decorated your home in a way that you find perfect? Please don’t hesitate to send photos and comments 🙂

A little bit of Danish design history

This has been an incredibly busy day, and I honestly didn’t think I would have the time to write up a post, but here it is as you can see… I’ve got so many ideas and so many plans, for this blog for example, and planning on these ideas takes time, that’s something I can assure you…

I’ve been handling plenty of orders the last few days and one thing is certain… Our round and oval Engelhardt house numbers are very popular at the moment. I totally understand it! I love these house numbers, and I think Knud V. Engelhardt was a brilliant designer! I love the fact that we can bring his work to life by producing house numbers which are entirely true to his original designs, and I love the fact that you like what we’re doing!

Danish design is very popular all over the world, and by creating these black and white signs with the unique Engelhardt look we can show that this isn’t a new thing, Danish design has been unique and held high quality for plenty of decades. These signs are spreading the word of a brilliant Danish designer all over the world, and the sign on the photo above can be found in sunny Spain. That’s amazing don’t you think? A touch of classy, old Danish design can be found hundreds of miles from Scandinavia, and that’s what I like so much about this job, the possibility to share some of our history with you 🙂

Give-away to promote afternoon tea

I promised you a give-away in my last post, and the time has come… It’s time to get it started!

As you’ve probably discovered the summer is here, and it’s a beautiful time when most people enjoy spending time in their gardens. I do so too, and I enjoy having coffee, cold drinks and tea in the garden as well. I still remember when I was a kid and we had coffee/soft drinks in the garden, under the blooming apple trees. I can still picture the scent in my memory, and I hope you’ve had many moments like that as well.

This give-away is meant to promote moments of afternoon tea in the garden for one of my readers. The award is a really cute tea ball with an attached miniature tea pot in a cute little gift box, and a pack of napkins, which is great to bring when you head out in the garden for the afternoon tea.

Would you like to win this? Then you should take all three chances for a greater chance to win (you can take one or two entries as well though, of course).


1 entry – Comment on this post and tell me about a summer memory of yours.

1 entry – Share this give-away on your blog, Facebook or Twitter.

1 entry – Like Highlander’s Cottage by e-mail or Google+. You can find the links in the side bar.


The give-away is open until June 25th. Good Luck!