Scandinavian rust red signs

Have you ever been to any of the Scandinavian countries? Then you may have seen the typical, rust red wooden houses in the countryside. You usually find them in Sweden, and the specific colour actually origins from Sweden as well, from a town called Falun to be specific. That color is the same one as you can find in our Lighthouse collection, and it looks great on the typical Scandinavian house, but it looks great on other types of houses as well.

The sign on the photo above belongs to the blog owner of the blog Oline art. The photo is hers as well, but I think the sign is lovely and I wanted to show it to you all, and I thought it would be a good idea to show it to you while recommending the blog to you. It’s a really nice blog with some really nice photos. You will discover that it’s a great mix of crafting projects, nature, family life and DIY, and I’m sure you will love it, even though the posts are written in Danish.

Now, back to the Lighthouse sign… Do you like the rust red color? I think it’s nice! Much more unique than a common red if you ask me. But then again, color preferences are always individual, and that’s why I have to ask you  all a question. If you could create your own enamel sign, regardless of available choices… What colors would you choose?

The best colors for a perfect home

Do you want to decorate your home to make yourself as well as other people feel comfortable, happy or energetic when they enter every single room? Then you should learn more about how to use colors to make the most out of your home. Different colors have different meanings, but you shouldn’t just pick a color by reading about their meanings, you should also follow your heart and choose the colors you prefer to have around you.

I really like the colors on the photo shown above. I think white and light blue are very beautiful together, and I could definitely see myself bring these colors into my house. I do have one concern though, and that’s the warm and welcoming issue. Is light blue and white really warm and welcoming? Beautiful, yes absolutely! But warm and welcoming? Not sure. I do however think that they solved this issue in a great way in the room shown above as they’ve used a few other colors as well to soften things up a bit, and that’s all you need. It makes the room look a lot warmer, don’t you think?

What does the colors mean?

If you’re stuck with white and can’t decide what color to use in the home, you may want to figure out what different colors mean, and I’ve decided to give you a short color guide.

Yellow is a very popular color in the home decorating genre this year, and it’s easy to understand why as it’s a happy and quite cheerful color which brings life into any room.

Orange can be a good color to use in rooms where you plan to have many guests, and where you plan to hold parties and dinners as orange improves social behavior.

Pink is a color with two different faces. You can choose a soft pink color and get a soft and gentle and soothing feeling, but you can also go for a sharper pink and get a very vibrant and stimulating feeling.

Green is a color coming from the nature, and the good thing is that it can be used with almost any color as it’s quite neutral. It may also have a calming effect, just like various blue shades.

When you’re going to change the colors at home you need to consider the effect from the various colors. What effect would you like to get? Would you like to calm down after a busy day at work? Then you should consider choosing a lavender shade, as this has a calming effect, and allows you to relax completely. Is it your home office that you’re going to re-decorate? Then you may want to go with some kind of blue, as blue tend to improve the productivity. Blue is not only a color that is good to use in the office though. Blue also has a calming effect, and it’s said to decrease the blood pressure and the heart rate as well. Light blue shades are more effective if it’s the calming effect you’re after.

Yellow is known to provide more energy, which is of course great in many cases. You may want to paint the kitchen walls yellow, as yellow is supposed to improve your metabolism. Maybe something for everyone who’s trying to lose some weight.

It’s interesting, don’t you think? The more I read about colors, the more I realize that the room above is probably quite perfect, as the colour is as light as a blue can be, and therefore very calming as well as stylish.

A lovely blog from a beautiful home

One of my over-all favourites in Bloglandia is the Norwegian blog Villa von Krogh. Anine, the owner of that blog, is absolutely amazing when it comes to photos and text. All posts are well written and the photos are lovely.

The weekends gives me more time than usual to read through old blog posts on my favourite blogs, and today was a great day as I had time to dive in deep 🙂 I’ve read posts going back to 2011, and that’s not bad at all!

However, while reading through old posts I found this one, and it made me real happy to follow the progress of their new place, and to see her Lighthouse sign from Ramsign, and read about her plans to order a number sign from the same collection as well. It’s always nice to see that the love goes both ways 🙂

I think you will enjoy visiting Anines blog, as her home is gorgeous, outdoors as well as indoors. I love it all, from the terrace with the beautiful furniture to the white details inside. I know that many of you share my love for the Scandinavian style as well as the white country style living, and you will get plenty of it on this blog, which will probably end up among your blog favourites as well. Have a look!

And the award goes to…

The give-away is now closed, and as usual I used to select a winner. The winner of this give-away has a blog of her own, which I think you should visit when you have time to spare. You can find it here. The name of the lucky winner is…


Congratulations! I will send you an e-mail during the weekend, to get your address so that I can send you the award. I hope you will have use for it, even though the summer will soon be over in Scandinavia.

A new give-away will start within the next week, so I really think you should visit again soon for a new chance to win. Maybe it’s your turn next time!

Make it clear with a sign

When thinking of an enamel sign it’s usually a name plate, an address plaque or a house number sign that shows up in most people’s minds, and sure; those signs are great, and most people need them, but signs for other purposes can be very useful as well, I assure you!

Have you ever felt the frustration when people are ignoring things that should be obvious? Such things as not stepping inside someone elses garden without asking for permission, or not letting their dogs loose when there are other people or dogs around? Such things can be very frustrating, but it’s actually possible to make it very clear with help from a sign. Look at the sign above for example. The text on the sign means: Dog owners; show respect. You can put it on the fence for example, to remind people passing by that they should keep their dogs in a leach, and that they shouldn’t let their dogs enter your garden. It’s very easy, and while making things very clear, you also get a very classic accessory, which makes your own place even more beautiful. Perfect, isn’t it?

The sign above is from our Engelhardt design, and I think the red little heart makes it absolutely adorable, and even more unique. What do you think? What text would you choose on your sign, in order to make things clear to everyone in the neighbourhood?