Blog of the Week #5

Time for Blog of The Week! YES! It should have been published days ago, but then again, things are not always as planned, and I’ve already told you about my little blog post disaster, so no need to dive in there again 😉

Well, the blog that I’ve selected this week belongs to a really sweet person. She runs a web shop along with her family, and the things you can find in there are really unique and cute. I actually have several things from her shop at home, and when I first moved to this new place, the ”This is the Life” sign from her shop was actually the first thing to be put on the wall. Amazing, right?

Well, the web shop isn’t the only great thing about this girl. Her blog is great too! She writes in a great way, letting us take part of her daily life with her husband and precious kids. It’s always a pleasure to drop by and read the latest posts, and I really think you should do it as well. This may not be the largest blog online, but it sure is one of my favourites and I’m sure you’ll love it as well!

Blog of the Week is…

163 Design Company Blog (she also has the great blog The Finest Kind of Life).

Read it! You won’t regret it one minute. Every single post is engaging and well written, and the photos are beautiful as well. If I get a moment to read blogs, I always stop by here first. It’s worth a visit!

A fantastic wall with a sign

What a great day it’s been! We’ve had almost 15 degrees Celsius today. Really warm compared to the temperatures the past few weeks. And it hasn’t been a rainy day either. No rain at all actually. Lovely!

Well, I have to admit that I haven’t had too much time to enjoy the weather though. I’ve been working, working, and working some more. It’s fun actually. Trying to come up with new ideas and make plans. I’m also working on new blog posts obviously, as the ones I previously wrote is nowhere to be found… Well, I don’t really mind, as it gives me even more time to get inspired by all wonderful blogs out there!

I’ve been lucky today to be honest. I’ve found some great inspiration on how to decorate your home in a personal and lovely way. Take a look at the photo above, which is borrowed from Little House in the Big D! Samm has placed several frames in various shapes and colours on the wall, some of them large, some of them small, some of them photos, other ones containing art. Together they make a great combination, and I really love the fact that it’s everything but plain. It’s fun, inspiring and personal, and everyone can make their own wall, as they can choose paintings and photos of their own choice in the frames.

As you can see, there is also a Ramsign number plate on the wall. Samm got it last year, and she did choose this round, green number as it’s her volleyball number from high school. I really like the look of it in the middle of the frame wall. It looks classy and nice there, and it’s really eye-catching.

I actually think that a frame wall like this one is a great idea in most homes. It’s a great way to welcome visitors, and it also gives every visitor a chance to get to know the house owner a little better, as they get to see a sample of what they like the most. I also think it’s a great idea to place a number sign among the paintings, mirrors and photos, and if you would like to arrange your own frame wall I suggest that you head over to our Facebook page and enter the give-away. That way you may get a number sign of your own, to start your wall with!

Blog of the Week #4

I know it’s a bit late, the ”blog of the week” post is supposed to be published on weekends, but it wasn’t really an option this time, as weekend was filled with give-away planning and give-away posts. I guess you’ve all seen the give-away on our Facebook page, where one happy winner will get to choose his or her custom made house number sign.

Well, enough on that topic now, this is a totally different kind of post. This is the blog of the week, a bit late, but still as interesting!

Well, my choice was actually not too difficult this week. This blog has been one of my favourites for ages and I visit it frequently. I’m sure most of you have already seen it as well, but in case you haven’t…. Please do! It’s a must actually, because this is something extra.

The blog that has been chosen this week is frequently updated in a professional way, and the content is always top-notch. The photos are beautiful, whether they’re borrowed from other places or taken by the blogger herself. The photo above is borrowed from her blog, just to show a beautiful example. I can honestly say from my heart that this blogger is probably one of the most talented blog authors online, and that’s impressive….

The blog of the week is…

Decor8 – owned and updated by Holly Becker

I truly admire Holly’s work, not only with Decor8, but also with the books she’s published, and her online blog courses. I also thought it was a great time to write about this blog, since registration for the upcoming blog course opened yesterday. The course will start on November 1st, and it’s called Blogging Your Way: With Intention & Style.

On this blog course you will be able to learn more about blog branding, turning ideas into action, online communities, interior styling, photo editing and many other things. I actually plan to sign up myself, and I think it’ll be a truly interesting and educating month for sure. Have a look at the course outline and see if you agree.

A little advice before we start

Remember I told you that a give-away is about to start over at our Facebook page? Well, I’m sure I told you so, but I’m also pretty sure I didn’t mention a date. Well, the date is set now, and the fact is… The give-away will start tomorrow. Don’t forget it! It’s a great chance for one of you to win a house number sign of your own choice!

So, as I said a house number sign will be the award in this upcoming give-away, and I know many of you’d like to have one. But how would you use it if you actually won? I’ve listed three great ways to use house number signs, but I’m sure there are even more ways. If you come up with any ideas, don’t hesitate to share it with all the other readers!

  1. A birthyear sign – It can be your birthyear (I have one of those actually), but it can also be the year when you became a mom (or dad), or the year you got married.
  2. A lucky number – Do you have a lucky number? Then you should consider having it on an enamel sign. You can have a round one with your lucky number (mine would be 7) or a square one, or rectangular… Whatever you prefer. Put it on the wall in the bedroom so that you can see it every day when you wake up!
  3. A date to remember – Did you get married on July 7th? Why not get a sign with 0707 on it? It will forever remind you of the most amazing day of your life. Of course any date will do! As long as it’s a date you’d like to remember forever.

You can obviously choose your address numbers or a single house number as well. We do have signs with room for just 1 number, but also signs with room for up to 5 numbers. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something suitable, don’t you think? Remember to come by tomorrow to enter the give-away on our Facebook page!



Blog of the Week #3

Incredible! One more week has passed and it’s time for another blog recommendation. Fun, isn’t it? I hope you still have some time to spare today, so that you can spend the last hours of this Sunday reading a new favourite blog, because this is a blog where you can spend hours and hours of reading, I assure you!

One thing that I really love with this blog, is the fact that the bloggers are real good at mixing their own photos with other lovely photos found online. You can be sure that whenever you vist this blog, you will find some beautiful photos to look at, and that’s definitely a truly important factor when you’re searching for new favourites in the world of blogs.

Blog of the Week is…

Decorator’s Notebook

A totally amazing blog, written by two siblings, Bethan and Joe from the UK. As I said before, they’re really good at picking lovely photos. The one above is borrowed from Ada & Ina, but they also show plenty of their own photos on the blog. The photos is not the only thing that makes this blog worth being read though. All posts are well written, and you can find everything from food related posts to home decorating texts on this blog. The great mix makes it totally unique, and there’s something for everyone on this blog.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Bethan and Joe recently launched their own web shop as well. They have some really nice items there, and I really think you should check it out. My favourites are the wonderful Hedgewood ceramics and the fabulous Landscape cushions, and I’m curious to hear what you like most.

Have a moment to spare tonight? Then you should take my advice and visit this blog today. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure!