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A fascinating concrete cottage

Normally when I post photos of houses and cottages it’s cozy, old looking places with lots of vintage charm. This time I’ve got some entirely different photos to show. I found the photos on La Boheme, and even though it’s normally not my style at all, I really like this concrete cottage with large glass windows and walls. It’s a bit too cold for my taste, I would definitely add some textiles and some colour if I owned the cottage but it’s so stylish and it’s such a fabulous contrast to the nature outside, which makes it even more interesting.

What do you think? Do you like it or dislike it? Do you think it’s cold or warm? Would you add something or do you like it just as it is? I’m actually a bit surprised by my reaction in this case. I would honestly have thought I would dislike a cottage like this since it’s nothing like the places I usually like but I fell in love immediately when looking at the photos. I would love to sit in the sofa, looking out through the windows, looking at the nature outside. It would be a perfect place for relaxation and consideration. A great place if you need to think about something without being disturbed. Don’t you agree?




Photos: Mauricio Fuertes, via La Boheme