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Add some unexpected charm with brick walls

I love white, and I know that you all know by now that I love white… I’ve told you so many times that you probably know it better than your own colour preferences… However, I’ve discovered something else that I like, and not just like a little, but love! It’s interior brick walls. It’s beautiful, it’s personal and not at all cold as you might think when you first hear about it.

I live in a rented apartment at the moment, and I don’t think the owner of the place would appreciate if I tried to replace the walls in order to create that brick wall I’d like to have, but I wish it was doable… I can tell you one thing, as soon as I find my dream house I’ll definitely do what I can to get at least one room with interior brick walls. Maybe not an entire room with brick walls, but one wall in the room, as a contrast. Wouldn’t that look nice?

Have you discovered the charm in interior brick walls yet? Do you have one of your own? Take a look at these photos, I think it’s amazing how cozy a room can be when you add a little bit of brick instead of just plain walls with ordinary wall paper, don’t you agree?


Photo: Bright Bazaar


Photo: Pinterest


Photo: Pinterest