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Help your guests with door signs

I often hear that people like our number signs, and most people appreciate the classic look that gives them a touch of vintage. It’s easy to figure out why it’s smart to get a number sign, it definitely makes it a lot easier for the postman, and also for friends when they come to visit for the first time.

I’ve also talked to plenty of people who loves our nameplates. The fact that you can customize your own sign and make it personal and unique is appealing and everyone has their own favourite when it comes to design and size. I love them all, they all got their own charm, but Highlander is the style that goes best with my apartment at the moment.

However, I have to mention another type of sign that can be really practical to place outdoors as well as indoors, the door sign! There are plenty of alternatives to choose between and they can be used on the outside as well as inside the house. The oval signs look great inside, like the sign with the text ”WC” for example. Bath is another alternative, or Office. Perfect to place on the doors in the house to make it easier for guests to find the right room.


Photo: Houzz


The larger signs makes a great addition to the frontdoor. The text can be Welcome, Beware of Dog, No Dogs Allowed or something else. There are plenty of alternatives to choose between, and these signs come in all five styles of course.


Photo: Restyled Vintage


I love doorsigns and think they make the home more personal. The large ones can be used on house walls and fences and gates as well, and they look great wherever they are placed.


Photo: Enamelsign.com


Do you have any doorsigns at home? Outside or inside? I have both actually, and I think I will get a few more for the doors inside very soon. I’ve got two bathrooms, so why not get two signs, one with ”Ladies” and one with ”Gents”… Wouldn’t that be nice?