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In love with the french country style

I’ve been a fan of the french country style for years now, and I guess it’s quite logic since I like white interior and vintage. The more I think about it, the more I realize that our Metropolitan sign collection is a big part of the french country style. Why? Well, listen to this and judge yourself…

Dark blue enamel signs (similar to our Metropolitan signs) have been seen all over Europe since the 1800’s and they were particularly popular in France, where they could be seen on house walls, streets, fences and buildings. You could see them in Paris as well as other towns during the 1800s and they’re still there. I think this is amazing, how you still can find signs from the past, still so beautiful.

The signs that we make today is produced to last for many years as well. Hopefully people will be able to look at them in 70 years, and become impressed by how well kept they are. It will probably be as fascinating to them, as the old french signs are to us. Don’t you think?


Photo: Ramsign


Well, the dark blue signs are not the only thing I like about the french style. I’ve discovered a wonderful webshop, Dibor, which is based in the UK, which sells many beautiful items, which can easily be described as french country style. I love the memo board on the picture below and the carafe is beautiful as well, don’t you think? These are just a few of all the beautiful products you can find in this web shop and I really think you should have a look at their website, at least if you like french country style as much as I do!



Photos: Dibor


Do you know any other web shop where it’s possible to find french country style items? I’d be happy to take a look.