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Add some luxury with an address plaque

Have you ever waited for a delivery that never arrived? Did you wonder where it ended up? Or have your visitors told you that it’s difficult to find your home? The reason might be lack of signs. A house number is great, of course, but in some cases an adress plaque can make it a whole lot easier for the post man, as well as for visitors. An address plaque is bigger than a number sign, and it shows the entire adress. It’s more visible and can be seen from the road, a big help for sure!



I love our address plaques, they are beautiful and classic and I think they add a touch of luxury to any home where they’re placed. They can be a great help in many situations, when emergency staff needs to find your home, when you’re waiting for a parcel to come, when you expect guests and when you’re planning to have a flea market at home. There are so many situations when an address plaque could make your life a lot easier. And, not to forget, it can also make your home more classic and beautiful.



Our address plaques comes in various styles, sizes and shapes. It’s almost impossible to choose a favourite among them, but my personal favourite is the oval Metropolitan address plaque. I love the classic, french style and I would love to place this sign on my house, as soon as I’ve found the home of my dreams.



Our signs are always durable and easy to look after. They require very little from the owner, as they can be cleaned very easily. The secret behind the durable exterior and the beautiful appearance of these signs lies in the manufacturing process that is used to create them. The pattern that is used to create the sign is present throughout the entire thickness of the sign, which means the paint isn’t applied on the surface only.

In order to create a Ramsign address plaque, a pattern is hand stencilled on a metal background. Then, powdered glass that has been coloured with lead-free oxides is applied. The colours can’t fade since it’s present throughout the entire enamel. Once the powdered glass has been applied by hand, the piece is fired. This melts the glass and causes it to form the smooth, durable exterior that our signs are famous for.

This method of creating enamel signs by hand is uncommon nowadays. We choose to use the traditional method of making enamel signs simply because it produces the most durable product and gives us the most control over the finished product. The design can be customized to meet your needs as well as the style of the building where it will be placed, and that means everyone can get a sign, suitable for their home.

Do you like our address plaques? Which one is your favourite among them? Don’t forget that they can be placed indoors as well. I’d happily put an address plaque on the side table beside the bed in the guest room for example. I think it would make the guest room look welcoming and stylish and it would add some luxury to the room, which would most likely be appreciated by guests who came to stay a few days. Don’t you think?