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Some signs and a new idea

So, what can I say to describe the weekend? Hmm, I really don’t know. It’s been a nice weekend, quite relaxed, more relaxed than I planned actually, since almost the entire family has catched a cold… Well, maybe we needed it in order to relax a bit!

Since I had some time on my hands I thought I could spend some time searching for nice photos of signs, posted by our winners and customers. There are tons of them to find, but I thought two of them would do today. The one above is posted by Gabriella on her blog, and the one below is published on the blog Längtans Hem. The one in the end of this post is posted on the Norwegian blog, Prinsesse Vilikkes hus. Aren’t they all lovely?

Photo: Längtans Hem

This is a part of my plan actually… I’m planning to post a photo of one of our signs in every post from now and until Christmas. Sometimes with a link to a nice blog, in order for you to find some new blog reading, and sometimes with a short story behind the sign. Does that look nice? Hope you like the idea! Let’s start tomorrow, and until then, let’s enjoy these photos and the blogs of course!

Photo: Prinsesse Vilikkes hus