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A beautiful touch of spring

Are you finished with everything that needs to be done before Christmas? I am, and I’ve travelled acrossed the country to visit my family and relatives who lives in another part of the country. We’re going to celebrate the holidays together, and I’ve finished all preparations. Feels great! It’s not as much snow here as it is at home, but we’ll still get a white Christmas, and that’s great.

The fact that all preparations are done means that I’ll have plenty of time to find beautiful photos for you until Christmas, and that’s what I’ve been doing today. This sign belongs to the owner of the blog Violettas Verden, and the sign is placed on the wall at her front porch. I think it looks adorable, and I thought it would be fun with a touch of spring on the blog, now when the winter has us all in its grip. I love the beautiful daffodils, they are certainly one of the most perfect signs of spring that one can ever find. The sign is a name plate from our Highlander collection, and it looks great on her wall, don’t you think?

The blog is wonderful as well, so have a look at it if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, I’m sure it’ll be added to your blog roll as soon as you’ve seen it!

Do you have your own photo of a Ramsign to show? Feel free to send it over, I’d love to share it on the blog!