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Get a unique home with french street signs

Are you, like me, a fan of the french country style and old french street signs? I love their beautiful vintage look and the deep blue colour which looks just as nice after many decades. A street sign might not be the obvious choice when you’re searching for items to place in your home in order to give it a unique and beautiful touch, but honestly…. Is there anything more french and classic than a street sign, placed on a wall shelf, on the wall inside or maybe on a rustic chair somewhere in the house? I don’t think so!

Did you know that the nameplates that you can buy from Ramsign can be customized according to your wishes? They doesn’t have to contain your name at all, you can just as well choose a street name to put on it. And if you want an even more detailed sign you may order one of our address plaques and include both the address and the street name, and of course it doesn’t have to be your own address, you can obviously choose a french name instead to make it even more authentic.

I honestly love this idea, and I think I will place a sign like that in my home as soon as the new wallpaper is up. I’ve found a really nice rustic table which I will place in the livingroom, and I think a blue and white street sign would look just great on it! What do you think? Any ideas on how you can use a french street sign in your home? Do you like the idea?