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A cool piece of furniture for book lovers

You already know that I love home decorating, but did you know that I love books as well? I love reading and a big shelf with room for all my books and more to come is definitely a must when we move to our new place. I found this really cool shelf with a reading ”cave” earlier today. Biketjänst is a company with library furniture and interior, and they’ve got this cool shelf in store as well. It’s designed by Sakura Adachi, and I love the fact that it has room for plenty of books, it’s got a place where you can sit and read and get some privacy, and it even has built-in light, which makes it usable in the evening and in the middle of the night as well. Isn’t that great? I sure think so!

I’ve never seen any furniture like this combined bookcase and seating, and I love the idea and the creativity. Do you like it? Would you use it in your own home? I would probably not put it in my livingroom, mostly because it doesn’t fit with my usual decorating style, but it would definitely be cool to put it in the kids room, or maybe in my bedroom. As I said, it’s a really cool piece of furniture and it definitely fills a purpose.

Have you seen any cool furniture lately? Something unique and creative that you’d like to share?