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The kitchen of my dreams

Tell me something… If you were to choose a new kitchen for your place, whether you live in an apartment or a house, what would you have in mind? What’s important, is there any ”must have” and any big ”no-no”?

Take a look at the kitchen above! It’s from Neptune, a company of which I’m a big fan, and it’s got almost everything I’m looking for in a kitchen. The list below includes my requirements on the perfect kitchen, and as you can see, most items can be checked if you compare the list with the kitchen above!

  • Spacious – I want to have much room for cooking, baking and cleaning, and I also want a quite large spot for dining, which I would get in this kitchen.
  • Light – I’d like to have a bright kitchen with much light, since I think I get more energy from a room where the light reaches me through the windows.
  • Contrasts – I love the contrasts between black and white which can be seen in this kitchen. I’m a huge fan of white, but some black makes the white even more beautiful, don’t you think?
  • Classy, traditional furniture – Trendy, modern furniture can be nice for sure, but I personally prefer classy, traditional furniture which can be used year after year without losing it’s charm. I love the furniture in this kitchen from Neptune!
  • A unique touch – I want something unique in every room, and I love the wooden parts of the roof as well as the stone wall in this kitchen. It gives the room a unique touch, and that’s exactly why this is the kitchen of my dreams.

Does your list include the same things as mine, or would it look completely different? Would you like to show a picture of the kitchen of your dreams? I’d love to see it!