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Blue street signs makes me happy

March is here, a month that I love because of many different reasons. It’s the month when we usually see the first obvious signs of spring, and it’s a month when the weather is usually quite nice, which makes the snow melt.

I went for a walk today and found a new addition in town that made me smile. Blue enamel signs are popular, and have been so for decades, even centuries actually, but in most parts of this town they go for simple white signs with black text. Not the exclusive type that I like, but rather plain ones. Today however, I discovered some really nice blue and white enamel signs on a couple of walls with rented apartments in town. It looked nice, it was clearly visible and it made me happy. Maybe it was the fact that spring is arriving which convinced the estate owner to try something new? Whatever reason it might be, I have to say I really like it! Don’t you? Look at the photo above… I think it adds a touch of uniqueness to the building.

Did you know that blue enamel signs, and enamel signs in general, were used as advertisement during the late 1800’s? I can perfectly see why, because these signs really catches the eye. They were also used as street signs in various European countries during the 1800’s, and I love the fact that they are getting more and more popular as street signs again.