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How to welcome the spring into the house

I think we can all agree on the fact that March is the first spring month, even if the snow is still very visible, right? I can see a very clear difference between February and March. The days are getting longer, the birds have started to sing, it’s easier to find fresh flowers to bring into the house and it’s possible to feel the warmth from the sun-rays again after a long and cold winter.

However, we all handle the fact that spring is arriving in various ways. Some people are cleaning the entire house from floor to roof to make it fresh and clean, others bring flowers into every room to get a more obvious touch of spring, others again use different colours for decorating compared to their winter decoration style. What about you? Do you have any specific plans to welcome the spring, or any way to make the spring arrival more obvious?

I’ve got two ways to welcome the spring into my home. #1 is flowers. I love flowers; tulips, daffodils, lavender… So very sweet and it feels to me like their giving a promise that the summer will come soon. My plan is to place a vase with flowers in every room. It’s not only beautiful, I think it adds a welcoming touch as well, which is great if any guests decides to come over for a visit.

#2 is colours. I love white whatever season it might be, but I also think pastels are perfect when the spring is coming. It brings more life into the room, and I love the way they’ve used various colours in the shelf above. Have a look at it… Isn’t it a perfect way to decorate for spring? Pastels, flowers, lavender and an open storage solution… Love it!

So, the conclusion for me is; more colours, more flowers and of course plenty of new textiles to complete the picture of it all.