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A terrific example of Danish design

Danish design… Are you a fan of it? I know lots of people love Scandinavian design in general, and Danish design in particular, and I have to say that I completely understand why. There are so many beautiful things coming from Danish designers, and today I found a new favourite among them.

The candle holders above are produced by a Danish design studio named KiBiSi, and they are meant to reflect the traditional shapes of old time candle holders and candelabras. They are produced for a brand named Menu, which by the way have many beautiful items in store.

I’m a huge fan of eco-design, and that’s one of the reasons that I love these candle holders. They are made of natural material, has a natural look, and they will last for decades. Couldn’t be much better, or what do you think?

What’s the weather like over at your place by the way? Over here it’s still cold, and we even had some snow a couple of days ago. Not exactly the spring signs I was hoping for, but it has to be there, around the corner… Don’t you think?