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Contemporary design at its best

You know me, I think colours are so important in a home, and I can’t stop talk about it… The funny thing is that I count white as a colour too in this case. A home can be beautiful, just because the owner has the great taste to keep it all white. White can make a home plain if used in the wrong way, but it can also make a home very welcoming and classy if used in the right way.

Well, it wasn’t white that I wanted to talk to you about this time… Quite the opposite actually. Take a look at the photo above! Isn’t it totally incredible? Does the colours make you happy? I sure get happy by looking at them! I don’t even know what I like most about it… The colour striped sofa, the contrast of the black from the tree against the coloured wall (which I by the way find very warm and welcoming), or the fantastic books on the shelf. I guess it’s the whole picture that makes it so cool.

I don’t know if I would be brave enough to decorate a room in my home like this, but I honestly which I would, because I think it’s impossible to feel anything but happy in a room like this. The way to mix the colours is genious, and I would love to come up with an idea like this of my own, wouldn’t you?

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    1. Color is real nice Jayne, I think it brings more life to the home. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a chicken though, I go for neutral colours and white most of the time.

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