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Find your decorating style

Are you interested in home decor? I’m sure you are, otherwise you probably wouldn’t read this blog at all, but what I don’t know is what decorating style you prefer. Do you know? I believe many people out there haven’t paid any thought to decorating styles, they just decorate with whatever colors and patterns they might find appealing, and there’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it can be exciting to learn more about various decorating styles, don’t you think?

Casual decor is common, and the casual style can be recognized for its simple details, textured elements in fabrics as well as a lack of perfect symmetry. People who wants a relaxed home often choose a casual decorating style, and this can include shabby chic, rustic style, french country style and other popular ways to decorate. In a room decorated in the casual style you will find comfortable furniture, natural fabrics like cotton and wool and horizontal details.

Another popular style is the formal style, which is in many ways the total opposite of the casual style. When you see a room decorated in formal style you’ll immediately notice the symmetry of flooring, walls, furniture, windows and everything in between. This is a style that is perfect to use in a home with tall windows and high ceiling. In order to make the most out of this style, you’ll need luxurious accessories, such as beautiful chandeliers, perfectly polished windows and mirrors, antique items and of course original artworks.

Do you like to stay updated and follow the latest trends? Then you might be a fan of the contemporary style. Here it’s all about colours, shape and space, and the result is usually very fresh, and a room decorated in the contemporary style can make you very happy in a moment. Black and neutrals are often used as a base, while brighter colours can be used as accents. Line and space is also a very important factor. Everything stands out in this decorating style, and the common way to do it is to decorate with just a few accessories. Use colours to draw attention, and make sure to decorate in a very basic way where lines should be your main focus. Everything should be well structured.

If you’d like to have the same furniture and the same colours you’ve always had, then it’s best to go for the Traditional style. It’s not the style for a person who loves modern design, and who wants to go with every trend, but it’s the perfect style if you want a home where people of all ages can feel comfortable. The furnitures in a home like this will be classic and functional, with gentle curves. The colour scheme is usually somewhere between dark and light, but more colourful accessories can be found as well. The main focus here is to create a home that is calming and simple, where it’s possible to sit down and relax. Everything in this home, from textiles to windows, will express a classic and traditional touch, and nothing will stand out in this traditional home.

So, did you learn anything new about yourself and your way to decorate? I can tell that I’m definitely a ”casual decorator”, and I love to mix the french country style with shabby chic, but I’m also a fan of the rustic, industrial style nowadays. The fun thing with home decor is that you can mix and match as much as you’d like… Isn’t that cool?