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How to create the perfect garden

As summer is approaching it gets more and more important to start spending time in the garden, and gardening becomes a daily activity, at least for me. I love gardening, and I love to spend time in the garden during summer, but the garden can also be a source of frustration unless it looks like it’s supposed to do. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t like plain lawns without any drama… I want a garden full of small, arranged rooms built up by stones and flowers as well as bushes and trees. I want the garden to be cozy, not perfect.

What does the perfect garden look like according to you? Do you prefer the minimalistic style with a lawn and a few bushes, or do you like a more wild-grown style, with flowers, stones and bushes arranged in a natural looking way?

Natural stones can help you create a beautiful garden

I really like the idea to use natural stones for landscaping purpose. It can be used to create walls in the garden, as well as layers, and it can also surround flowers in a very nice way. Landscaping with stones doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can accomplish a great result quite quickly, just by following a few steps.

  • Find the stones that you need. You can dig it up in the landscape, if you have a good place to harvest stones. You can also buy it from various shops.
  • Start creating focal points in the garden by placing bigger stones where it fits. You should combine these big stones with smaller ones, to create interesting groups of stones.
  • Create lines of stones or rocks in the garden where you want to build natural borders. You can build walkways by doing this, and you can create natural stairs in the garden as well.
  • Make it look natural by adding mulch, leaves, and grass between the stones and rocks, as it might look too arranged with just plain stones.
  • Use your imagination to get the result you’d like to get. It’s your garden, and it’s supposed to look like you want it to.

Do you like the idea of using natural stones and rocks in your garden? Maybe you’ve already got some natural stones out there? I’m eager to see photos, hear your comments and of course, read blog posts if you’ve written some on the topic 🙂