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Something made my day

I received an e-mail yesterday… An e-mail which made my day. It was from Debbie, the owner of the blog Mountain Breaths, and it contained a link to a blog post where she showed her new sign from Ramsign, and she wrote so many kind words about us and our signs. It made be really happy, and I hope that you’ll pay her blog a visit, because it’s a real good one!

I love her choice of sign, and I think it looks amazingly good with this black sign on the black door, and the flowers below the sign makes the whole picture even better. Debbie made a great decision, don’t you think?

So, tell me something… Debbie did choose this black house number, but what sign would you choose if you could have anything from our shop? A house number? An address plaque? A name plate? A blue and white? Or maybe a green…? And what would it say? I’m really curious, so feel free to comment below!