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A beautiful finding

I’ve probably told you before that I enjoy searching for things that makes a great match to our enamel signs, and I always get happy when I find a perfect match. It’s probably no secret that I like the shabby chic style, and the fact that I love turquoise is no secret either… Now, take a look at the photo above! This makeup table with mirror is absolutely gorgeous! Don’t you agree with me on this? I love the color, and I love the shabby look, and the impression that it has been used for many years already. I’d be happy to have it in my house, and the best thing… It is that I can actually get it, because it’s available on Etsy.

You’ll be able to find this beautiful item as well as other beautiful findings if you visit Vintage Chic Furniture. This is just the beginning, since this shop has so many beautiful things to offer. I’m sure you’ll love this shop as much as I do!

I hope this shop can help you find some great things for your decorating projects, and I also hope you’ve had a wonderful day! I sure have… The sun has been shining, it’s been really warm outside, and it’s the National Day here in Sweden, which made it a totally perfect day!



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