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Improve your home with romance and vintage

Are you, like me, a fan of the romantic decorating style? Then you should learn more about how to improve your home by using a vintage and romantic style. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it sure doesn’t have to be expensive, anyone can do this, and the result is usually stunning!


  • Use paint and wallpapers – It’s quite easy to get the style you’re trying to achieve with help from paint and wallpapers. Wallpapers are usually more expensive, so if you’ve found a wallpaper you really like, but can’t afford to buy too much of it, just use it on one wall, and use paint for the other walls. It looks great and the wallpapered wall will make a great eye-catcher in the room.
  • Photo wallpapers will help – Have you seen the new type of photo wallpapers? You can get almost any pattern you’d like, as you can use your own photos to make wallpapers from if you want. You can also choose already exisiting ones, where photos have been used to make the wallpaper look like stone, tiles, concrete or other rough surfaces. This will give a rustic but romantic feeling to your home.
  • Flowers are trendy – Yes, flowers are actually trendy again! It can be wallpapers with flowers and leaves on, as the one from Eco Wallpaper that can be seen above, all in natural colours with a neutral background, but it can also be textiles, cushions and accessories. Use flowering accessories to make the bed room more romantic, but use it wisely. If you’ve decided to go with a wallpaper with flowers on, it may be wise to leave it there, don’t use accessories and textiles with flowers as well, it can easily become too much.
  • Dirty pastel colors are friends of yours – Do you like pastels? Retro and vintage are still popular styles, and pastel colors are still trendy, but now they should be a bit more dirty than before. Use pastel pink or green, but with a dirty touch to make it a great combination between rough and cute.
  • Close related colors will give each other a lift – I know that most people believe that you should avoid mixing two close related colors, but this is actually not true. Close related colors will, on the contrary, give each other a lift, which makes the whole picture a lot more appealing. Purple, blue and turquoise doesn’t have to be a disaster when used together, it can actually be a quite eye-catching unity!


It all comes to finding a style that you like. Your home doesn’t have to look like the homes in the interior magazines, after all, it’s you who lives there, and therefore it’s most important that you really love it!

Have you already decorated your home in a way that you find perfect? Please don’t hesitate to send photos and comments 🙂