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Cape Cod – a paradise on earth

Summer is definitely here, and I don’t know if you prefer to stay at home during this season, or if you prefer to travel and visit new places? I have to say I appreciate to stay quite close to home during June, July and August, as this is the most beautiful time of the year in this area. I love to travel during other months of the year though, and if you like travelling I have an advice to keep in mind for your next vacation.

Whether you’re living in the US or if you live in Europe, Australia or some other part of the world I warmly recommend visiting Cape Cod. It’s such a lovely place, almost like a paradise! Just look at the photo above, which is by the way borrowed from Wikipedia…. Wouldn’t you love to go there? To visit the beaches, feel the sand underneath your toes, feel the breeze in your hair and the familiar scent of sea. Doesn’t it sound just amazing? I sure think so!

Cape Cod was actually formed as a recessional moraine of a glacier at the end of the last ice age… The Cape Cod peninsula was created, and you can still visit it today. Isn’t that quite fascinating? I love everything historic and think it’s awesome!

I really love everything about Cape Cod, also the lighthouses which can be found along the coastline. I don’t know if you know it, but plenty of shipwrecks has been found off-shore, just a short distance from the coastline at Cape Cod, more than 3000 wrecks to be honest. It’s been called an ocean graveyard, and lighthouses have been placed along the coastline to help the captains of passing ships.

Even though I live far from the US, I actually have relatives in Cape Cod, and if I could choose one place to own a summer home in the US it would certainly be there. I think it’s as close to paradise on earth as one may come!

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