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How to build a garden pond

I’ve always loved gardens with large amounts of flowers, gardens which brings a feeling of wildlife, and I really think a garden pond can make a great addition to a garden. If it’s properly made, that is!

I think my love for gardens with ponds, flowers, trees and bushes is a heritage from my mother. Her garden (the garden where I grew up) is filled with fruit trees, bushes, flowers and ponds, and it feels like entering a different world when you step in there. I love it, and I find it very peaceful.

I thought some of you may share my affection for those types of gardens, so I wanted to share a video that I found online. You can make it your own summer DIY project to build a pond in your garden, and I know from experience that a pond can be maintained without expensive filters and waterfalls, as long as you surround it with plants (for the oxygen) and put some fishes (like koi fishes for example) in the pond. That way you’ll be able to have a healthy pond without spending thousands on maintenance.

Take a look at the video… You can see how the owner built it up from the ground, and it’s really interesting to watch the procedure. I also like the fact that he surrounds it with stones and plants to cover the pond liner. If I had a garden pond I’d surround it with a sea of plants and of course stones as well. It adds more beauty to an already beautiful place!

Take a look at the photo, which I’ve borrowed from Wikipedia… Who wouldn’t want to have a pond like that in the garden? Where you can see the rain drops land on a rainy day, or the water curl in the summer breeze on a sunny day. It’s so amazingly beautiful, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to get it!