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A beautiful number sign for every house

Take a look at the photo above! It belongs to Tiff, who runs the lovely blog Mrs Tiff… Living creatively. I really like the blog. Tiff writes about her various projects and shares lovely photos, and the blog is frequently updated, just like a good blog should be. I really think you should pay her a visit, if you haven’t done that already.

However, what I wanted to say is that Tiff won a give-away on another blog a few years ago. She picked the Highlander, as you can see, and she made a great photo! I think it looks great with the white flower at the side. I think the greatest thing of all with our Highlander collection is that they fit in almost everywhere. You can have it on any wall, or inside any house, whatever colors you may have at home.

I also read something on a blog, which I think is worth mentioning to everyone who considers buying a house number, but doesn’t know where to put it, maybe because they rent their place, or maybe because they can’t find an obvious place to put it. Well, our house numbers doesn’t have to be placed on a wall or a fence outdoors. They will look just as good indoors, and they can be put on a door or a wall inside, or on a wall shelf, to be clearly visible. That way you can show your house number even if you rent an apartment or a house, and the sign will be just as beautiful wherever you put it.

Have you got a sign indoors? Then you know that it makes a great addition to the interior. Mind showing us some photos? It’d be greatly appreciated!