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A minimalistic look – cold or welcoming?

What’s your thoughts on minimalism? Do you like the minimalistic style when it comes to home decorating, or do you prefer other styles? I do generally prefer other styles, but that doesn’t stop me from finding minimalism fascinating, and I think you may understand why if you take a look at the photo above. That bathroom is extraordinary, and I would definitely be happy to have that bathroom at home. I love the simple, yet stylish solutions and look, and I think the well planned combination between black and white is gorgeous. I would feel calm and relax in a bathroom like this, and I’d be happy to have it as a bathroom for guests as well, as I think my friends would love it!

I like the fact that minimalism is about keeping things down to the necessary things. It’s a lot easier to keep things stylish and classic by keeping it minimalistic. There are pros and cons with all styles I guess, and one of the cons is that it can be a bit tricky to make it look personal and warm with minimalism, but I’m sure it’s possible, you just have to look at the bathroom above to realize that.

Less is more is a great way to describe this decorating style, and it can be very true as well. As long as you choose the right details and furniture this can be a truly beautiful and fascinating style. The amazing thing with this style is that you can achieve really cool results by using color contrasts and surface differences. When you look at a room that is decorated in a well planned, minimalistic way, it’s obvious that you can make a room look welcoming as well as beautiful without using tons of items, photos, flowers etc.

Do you have a minimalistic home? Would be interesting to see some photos. Or maybe you’ve got some thoughts to share regarding this topic? I’m eager to hear all about it as usual.