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Keep the summer mood with colors

What’s the weather been like at your place the last few days? I’m sad to admit we’ve had a heavy rainfall for 4-5 days now. Not that we don’t need rain, we really do, because the summer has been really dry so far, but several rainy days in a row, along with cool temperatures reminds me of the fact that the summer will soon be over. The school starts next week, and the nights are getting darker very quickly. With this in mind I need to find something to cheer me up, something that can help me keep the summer mood when the summer is over (which I hope will take a while)…

So, have I found anything? Yes, I have actually. I found the photo above, and who can be sad while looking at a photo like that? The colors are so enchanting and beautiful, and I automatically get a smile on my face when looking at this room.

The photo made me curious as well… What colors make you happy? A happy mix of many colors? A few colors? White and black? Please tell, so that we can compare with each other 🙂

I love black and white, but if I’m looking for colors that make me happy I need something more extraordinary, such as the colors in this photo. I love the combination of white, green and yellow/orange, and I think the wooden floor is a perfect match and the detail that makes the room perfect. The side table is amazing, with two different colors, and that’s actually something that you can accomplish at home, without spending a fortune. Do you have an old table that you consider to sell on a fleamarket, or maybe even burn? I think you should consider to paint it instead! Choose your two favorite colors and use them to give the table an entirely new look. You will like it, I promise!