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Make it clear with a sign

When thinking of an enamel sign it’s usually a name plate, an address plaque or a house number sign that shows up in most people’s minds, and sure; those signs are great, and most people need them, but signs for other purposes can be very useful as well, I assure you!

Have you ever felt the frustration when people are ignoring things that should be obvious? Such things as not stepping inside someone elses garden without asking for permission, or not letting their dogs loose when there are other people or dogs around? Such things can be very frustrating, but it’s actually possible to make it very clear with help from a sign. Look at the sign above for example. The text on the sign means: Dog owners; show respect. You can put it on the fence for example, to remind people passing by that they should keep their dogs in a leach, and that they shouldn’t let their dogs enter your garden. It’s very easy, and while making things very clear, you also get a very classic accessory, which makes your own place even more beautiful. Perfect, isn’t it?

The sign above is from our Engelhardt design, and I think the red little heart makes it absolutely adorable, and even more unique. What do you think? What text would you choose on your sign, in order to make things clear to everyone in the neighbourhood?

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  1. Since we live on the river, and at the end of a dead-end road, I would have a sign that says “The Last Resort,” sorta of a play on words, you know.

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