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Sun, sea and architecture in Santorini

What’s your thoughts on the fact that the summer is almost over, if not definitely over? September starts today, and I guess we all have to admit (unless we live in a country where the summer goes on for a longer period) that the summer 2013 is officially over. My thoughts? Well, I’m not a big fan of autumn, which I’m sure I’ve told you before, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking it can be quite cosy with a few rainy autumn days. However, I don’t enjoy too many days like that, and I would definitely not turn down a chance to travel to a warmer place, such as Santorini, Greece. Would you? Just look at the picture… I’m sure you would love to go there as well!

Santorini is actually a quite fascinating place if you’re in to architecture as well, it’s not all about sun, blue skies and crystal clear water. This island in the southern part of the Aegean Sea has so much more to offer. Also, for people with interest in history and culture it’s also a fascinating place, as Santorini is what remains after a huge volcanic explosion many years ago, actually about 3600 years ago. Fascinating, don’t you think? Some people even says this is where the story about Atlantis has its origin. Maybe that’s true… What do you think? Whether you think this is true or not, you should definitely visit Akrotiri if you’re interested in history. There you will be able to find complexes of multi-level buildings and remains from walls as high as 8 meetres, all dating back to the famous volcanic explosion. You will also be able to see fascinating wall paintings from back in the days, and you will probably be amazed when you discover that the colors remain almost the same as from the beginning, as they were preserved under the volcanic ash.

You should also make sure to visit Oia when at Santorini. This is the oldest settlement of Santorini, which still remains, and it’s a beautiful place with the houses with white washed walls, and some of them with blue roofs. This is also a place where you really can enjoy the fabulous views of the Aegean Sea.

So, what about the architecture? Well, these houses are amazing, and you can definitely get inspiration here. The houses are built with local stone, and the walls are typically whitewashed or limewashed. The color? They actually make it from volcanic ash. How cool is that? The fascinating thing with these houses is that they have extensions which are dug into the volcanic rocks, which gives very high insulation. This results in great coolness during the warm periods and warmth during winter. Very clever, don’t you think? This means you can store things, such as wine, in this extensions to keep a perfect temperature all year.

So, are you tempted to visit Santorini? I’m definitely up for it!